Hello there!

I trust you all had a fantastic week! The meaning of TGIF is a little greater this week because Sunday is my 3 year wedding anniversary! I mentioned last time I was here what we will be doing and plans haven’t changed. Be on the lookout Tuesday for that recap!

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in general but Andrew did have the whole day off of work yesterday so we spent the whole day going in between our Netflix favs and eating everything in sight.

We made our own cookies&cream milkshake, too. No fancy recipe needed. Just good ol’ vanilla ice cream, oreos&almond milk. Andrew even made the glasses pretty with some Chocolate sauce in the glass garnish. He’s super awesome. We drank them in the garage and watched a terrible movie we rented on the xbox. Super boring. Terrible score (that’s the movie’s music right?). Look I don’t know any “film lingo” or whatever but I do know if liked it or no and this one was a no unfortunately, but the milkshakes were good!




I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and if you’re bored I’ll be here Sunday sharing some details from our secret special day 3 years ago!

Love to you!