Thanksgiving Shenanigans..and selfies.

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Hello my beloved friends&family who come to hear me ramble about random things. I’m back! And happy to be here with an updated bucket list! If you didn’t see this post, we officially finished our Operation Christmas Child boxes and turned them in last week. I love it! Can you believe it’s December 1st already?! I love that too! The holidays are about to turn up! Enough Christmas talk for the moment though because right now it’s time to talk Thanksgiving shenanigans!

It was a quick trip to my beach hometown and I didn’t take many pictures. You see, we’re terrible photo people. That’s one of the things I’m hoping having this blog will change. I’m all about living in the moment which is good! but I’m never the one pulling out my camera to capture any details and I’ve found that sometimes it leaves me with NO photo memories to share and they certainly are fun to have!

At the end of the night on Thanksgiving I found myself feeling like I didn’t have any pictures of us (because we literally took ZERO) so I made Andrew take 1000 selfies of us on the couch so I could feel like we at least had something and every one of them came out terrible. Or looking like this:


Selfie game maybe not so strong
Selfie game maybe not so strong


Our festivities began when we made it to the beach around 1AM Thanksgiving morning and passed out immediately. We woke up and ran a couple of errands I had been waiting to get back to do then headed back to my dad’s parent’s (A.K.A Mother&PaPa)  place to get ready for the evening and take the second kitchen shift. Andrew ended up going fishing with my dad and after seeing the photos of the sun beginning to set I wish I had gone too! I requested a selfie and received this before they returned:


My dad's phone camera is sooo nice!
My dad’s phone camera is sooo nice!


I was glad though to stay behind and help out in the kitchen. I’m not really the cooking type (working on that…) so this was the most time I feel like I have ever spent in the kitchen at a holiday function. I’m making it sound a lot more than it actually was; I utilized more of my organizational skills then actual cooking  skills.

I got my sister to snap a photo of me in my holiday garb just to chime in on the trend. If you follow me on twitter, you will see that I was feeling a little behind on choosing an outfit to which my cousin replied she already had hers. So Jess (and anyone else just dyyying to know), here’s what I ended up in:


sneak peek


If you follow me on Instagram (@jlynnjustad)  you’ve already seen that photo of me giving a sneak peek of my outfit but what got cut out is my kitty ears headbad! I didn’t have it on when I snapped my full outfit photo but I wore it on and off throughout the night. I bought it for my Ariana Grande Halloween costume that fell through but I put it on one day to get my hair out of my face while putting on makeup and decided I loved the thing and started wearing it all the time with no shame. Anyway, here is my full outfit photo in all it’s glory:



My family branches usually keep things pretty causal but still cute so I ended up in a pair of jeans, my current fav Beatles sweatshirt (bottom says American Tour 1964) I got from Forever 21 not too long ago I don’t think and some medium height black ankle boots. I’m not a fashion blogger (or photo person…) so of course I didn’t think to get photos of the details. I was debating on wearing my flat boots I wear on the regular or these little black booties I picked up in the mall for the Halloween costume I ended up wearing when my Ariana Grande look fell through, which was a cat. HA! It totally worked though because Andrew ended up being the cat in the hat. It was cute!

Woah, I know you guys are probably ready to talk Christmas and here I am backtracking all the way to Halloween. Whew! Rabbit trail! Back to THANKSGIVING.

We had such a fun time with friends&family. Tons and tons of food, music and wine of course.  But no real photos. Sigh. I managed to get a few more selfies with my beautiful stepmom.






Thankfully I also had a last second thought to take a video of my Papa, blessing the food. I was trying to turn down the TV at the beginning but couldn’t find the remote so a commercial with a Pitbull song playing was in the first few seconds but I was pretty happy about catching it on film. Overall,  It was a nice and relaxing evening.

Andrew had to be back at work on Saturday so we came back Friday evening just to be safe. But before we headed back out of town we stopped for the main event: A plate of food from my Grandma’s house. Andrew and I are blessed with so much family, it’s hard to get everywhere in a day but we see that as a good problem to have. We got to my Grandma’s (who is my mom’s mom) house and chatted up a storm with her and found out my beautiful Aunt got engaged the day before! (Congratulations Aunt M!). My cousin Jess even came across town to hang out with us. My mother is a boss in the kitchen as well but there’s nothing like a Thanksgiving plate from my grandma’s house. Andrew looks forward to it all year he says. Photo proof:






There is literally not a drop of food left. My plate had the same soulful fixins minus the turkey as I typically stick to a vegetarian diet. I cheated though because her dressing has meat in it but I just can’t help myself. It was only a little bit! It was so good my only regret was that I didn’t take TWO plates home with me.

This year, I’m going to do my best at not letting the holiday season stresses get to me. I plan to just kick back, relax and focus on the traditions my husband and I have started together. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day filled with as much joy and love as I experienced.

Sending you lots of good energy&love