The Best Birthday!

Happy Monday folks! I hope you had an awesome weekend!!

My first weekend as a 25 year old was super eventful and a blast. A few hiccups along the way but they can make things more interesting so it’s all good. We’re here, we’re safe, we’re happy. Life is amazingly beautiful.

The most beautiful thing happened to me last week though, was on my birthday. I didn’t have a party or anything and actually we didn’t even go out to dinner until the next night. It was the best day though because My husband gave me the most wonderful birthday gift.

A little background story:

I had been complaining to Andre himself about how hurt my feelings were that I was seeing lots of cards I had written him just tossed about around the house. I even saw some on the floorboard of his car! My love language is words of affirmation so to me, it was basically like seeing my heart and soul just dumped out all over the place without a care.

Flash forward to two weeks later when I open my birthday gift and saw this:


I immediately burst into tears when I saw that what he had done. He had taken a few of the cards I had written him and turned their cover artwork into a collage around words I had written him, cut out and rearranged into his own message to me.

My heart exploded. Turns out, the cards I had seen in all those random places were the ones he was collecting to use, just not in a very organized way, ha!  The only chance he had to work on it where I wouldn’t know or find it were his breaks at work so it had taken him about two weeks to complete from beginning to end.

He had taken the time to put such a creative gift together for me that centered around the thing that makes my soul thrive, heartfelt words. It was such an act of kindness that touched my spirit in a way that I have never known before. I needed that. My heart had been a bit overwhelmed, not necessarily in a bad way..but not a peaceful way either. It was weird but not. I don’t know. My birthday can be a weird time for me. I start thinking on such deep levels, I can go a little cray!

But then, I felt light as a feather because Andrew gave me the most beautiful thing a person can receive, the overwhelming joyful experience of being loved.

I am so thankful for my husband who continues to show such great love for me on new levels, constantly.

Sending you all massive amounts of good energy today. Praying for such great love for each and every one of you all, too.

Here’s to another beautiful week, filled with lots of gratitude and joy ♥