The Bucket List: Shoot a gun

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Ok so I know technically on my bucket list it says shoot a gun at a gun range but this wasn’t at a gun range and I’m still counting it. Last weekend, a friend of ours took me&Andre out to his family’s property to shoot some guns at some zombie targets and it was awesome.

zombie targetsI’d be lying if I said those were all me but some of those head shots are!

I know what you’re thinking (perhaps you read my tweet about it..), how can this girl born and raised in North Carolina never have shot a gun before?! Well, I’ll let you in on another secret…born and raised at the beach and I’ve never been surfing either. I don’t know what it is, I just haven’t done some of these things and have been perfectly content with it. Until recently, I’ve never thought about shooting a gun even though I grew up with family that owned them (and still does).

headphonesThese are the headphones they had me wear at first bc I was having trouble with the ear plugs but I felt like a baby at concert so I made the plugs work

As for why now, I don’t know, maybe it’s because this country is going crazy right now and I feel like I should probably at least have basic knowledge, or maybe it’s because I love The Walking Dead and Rick always looks so awesome shooting at things so dramatically.

casesSome cases I kept

We got to shoot quite a few different kinds of guns. I wasn’t particularly fond of the one that shoots the cases out of the top, but actually shooting was really fun. I was too scared to shoot the biggest gun they brought out (and the shot gun) but that will be for another time.

gun3Andre doing his thing

I was probably most excited about shooting the Rick gun but oh boy I did not know what I signed up for. The photo seems harmless…


But then there is the video…shown here in slow mo…

How the heck does Rick shoot that thing with one fxcking hand!!!! And don’t tell me it’s because he’s so dang muscular (as I know I am not) because he’s supposed to be malnourished ok? And I know I’m tiny but believe it or not…some people were made that way and want to gain weight…but that’s a post for another day. All I’m sayin is…that was almost an epic video submission for Ridiculousness. Except they don’t take submissions. I feel like that probably looks super unsafe…but at the same time people let 10 year old children shoot guns under supervision so I suppose it’s alright. I will say I didn’t shoot that gun again, ha! Maybe next time…or after I’ve lifted some weights or something. I certainly enjoyed the experience! Apparently, my friends did as well seeing as if you watch the whole video though, it comes back in real time and you can hear everyone laughing at me.

gun2trying to look badxss

All in all I had a really great time. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to get back out and do it again. There’s also a possibility of crossing something else off of my bucket list as well so I’m super excited about that too. This is for sure something I won’t forget!!

I’m so glad to share this with all of you, I hope you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend! And to all my service industry friends, I’m thinking of you and love you dearly!

I love all of you of course though ;)

Oh! And also, it’s come to my attention that many of you were basically unaware that I have lots of tattoos! I will have to post about this in the future because I LOVE my artwork and I love showing it off as well!

Love to all of you!!