The Dirty Dancing Festival: Friday- August 14, 2015

arrivalAOur “we made it!” photo

Happy Monday everyone!

I know, Monday is the worst for some of you but I’m super excited today because I’m spilling all the beans about my trip to the Dirty Dancing Festival! If you were here Friday, you got the basic details about the festival- when, where, accommodations- you can check that post out here to catch up. I highly recommend checking out the lodge where we stayed because if you’re ever in the area, it’s a cozy little spot to secure a stay with. We loved it. The walk along the deck to our room looked something like this:

deckviewI guess I took this photo on the ‘square’ setting! ha!

It felt hidden away and private, but still with gorgeous views. Our room was on the very end of the deck so even though we seemed to be the youngest guests there, it still felt nice to have that extra secluded feeling. We stayed in the Secret Garden room. There were so many things we loved about it (great tub, AMAZING bed) but we might try a different room next time just because they all seem so cool!

Upon arriving, we had just enough time to settle in and get ready to head to the movie screening. The park where the festivities were happening was actually super close to the lodge so we ended up having enough time to stop by the ‘mingling hour’ the lodge hosts every evening for the guests. It includes a complimentary glass of wine so you know that motived me to hurry up and get ready ;) We snapped a quick selfie or two before heading down to explore the deck.



The wonderful concierge (who was gracious enough to assist us with our luggage) told us about some renovations happening on the deck below. There wasn’t any disruption during our stay and guests were still able to take the path down to the seating area, although at the time it might not have looked like it. They seemed to be more than halfway through some renovations of the bottom deck. I think he said a bathroom was going down there, they had built some sort of stage (probably for weddings, etc.) and were staining brand new furniture. Hopefully we will get to see the finished product in the future!

lakeside6AStill working on that whole ‘posing while not feeling awkward’ thing

lakeview1AThe view minus me

awesomehouse2AAn awesome house across the lake (with a view of some of the new construction)

After taking a short walk around the grounds it was time to head to the park for the movie screening. This is when we ran into this cutie pie-


I never did get his name but Andre said he had heard about him. He wasn’t nervous around people but he definitely didn’t seem like he cared to be pet, a strange thing for us to comprehend seeing as our cats adore to be pet all the time. It was nice to see his face when coming and going though :)

We decided to get to the park an hour early in hopes of securing a good seat. We were glad we got there as early as we did, although if we were to go again, we would probably go even a little earlier. Fortunately, we still had seats with a good view of the screen.

picnic5I didn’t get a picture of the movie playing because my phone died!


That is a close up of the amazinngggggg house in the background of the photo of the projector screen. Look at it again, you’ll se the house waaay up in the distance in the top right hand corner of the photo. Crazzzyyyy. I wish my phone hadn’t of died I would have taken a picture of it at night with the gigantic lights that illuminate the whole front. I told Andre I thought it might just be a hotel. I think he’s still convinced it’s a house but if it is, it must get used to play the homes of cartel leaders in movies because that’s exactly what it looked like.

We decided to go ahead and begin our picnic as we were waiting for it to get dark so the movie could start!





Our picnic consisted of potato salad, cranberry chicken salad with a hoagie type roll to put it on and watermelon (of course!). To drink we had lemonade…which I promptly knocked everywhere not too long after I took this photo. Thank goodness we brought backups. ha!


What I found to be super exciting was that there was never a long line for the bathroom. That was great. The mountain views were amazing as well! It was a perfect backdrop for a wonderful evening. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo with the sign and they didn’t have it up the next day for some reason. That was definitely a bummer!

What was fortunate though was that it didn’t rain as the forecast had called for. We were laughing about the fact that I always have an umbrella and I didn’t that night. We decided to go ahead and make a plan for if it started raining and we decided that we would stick it out no matter what. We would finish the movie. and that we did! I loved how people were cheering for certain parts like, the first time Pat Sway came on screen, nobody puts baby in the corner and so on. It was a lot of fun!

Can’t wait to share more festival events with you all on Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great start to your week!!