The Journey

The Starling’s Journey

You’ve read my name as: JLynn Justad.
But that has only been me for the past couple of years. I was born in 1990, a Gemini.

That name sounds just like it’s spelled JOSH-LYNN

“Like the bird”
I would always say.

Joshlynn Starling.

When I was in high school, I started going by JLynn after frustrations from being called
All my life.

JLynn Starling.

When I married Andrew, I was sad to say goodbye to the Starling name but taking his was what I knew was right for me.
Then I realized that I said goodbye to the Starling name on paper, not to the blood that runs through my veins.
Not to the lessons learned from the journey I had been traveling, and certainly not to the one that lay before me.

Things may change, you may change. But who you are at your core, the electricity that fires to energize the development of your being, I believe remains the same.

There are so many outside influences that can drown out that voice that sings sweetly in your soul.
It serenades truth. That who you are is love. A piece of a much larger energy gathering than just the cells that bind you together.

So there must be an effort to find who is there and bring them forth, through all of the chaos, fog, and noise that can convince you that you don’t already know.
That being is who you are, that is who travels the journey.

The journey gives you the tools you need to spread hope and love through your perspective.
You can’t always control your experiences but you can decide your own perspective.

This is my effort.

I move forward knowing that as one travels his or her own path, they can allow their experiences and circumstances to improve or hinder them.
I believe that the journey is meant to be a portrait of proof from the universe to you, that you possess strength and the capability to view things in life from a perspective of love.

I know now more than ever that I want to care for the song that is incased in my bones.
This blog is a documentation of a songbird’s journey.
Let this be an aria of my gratitude for this life of mine.


Star-ling: noun: a gregarious Old World songbird with a straight bill, typically with dark lustrous or iridescent plumage but sometimes brightly colored. You may have already seen this video. A chance encounter with a Murmuration. Also known as a flock of Starlings. The beauties of this world are many..

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.