The Makeup Mix-up! 001: American Beauty

I am SO excited to be a part of the very first prompt of this brand new link up The Makeup Mix-up, created by two of my favorite blogger buddies Jaelan and Miranda ! I love the idea for this, especially since I rarely wear makeup on the regular so I’m excited to participate in something that I know will encourage me to try some crazy cool new things. You can read all about the idea for this link up (and even watch a super cute video!) here and here.

I will say though, I got a little ahead of myself when excitedly talking about doing this after I first heard about it. Since I don’t really wear makeup, I was ready to move full speed ahead on going all out, pulling out all the stops (or at least attempts) right away. First prompt necessities? glitter! All the glitter! *evil scientist voice for sure* But then I really started to think on the fact that one of the main foundations of this link up is to express your own interpretation and individuality which made me want to I ask myself, apart from my excitement to dive right into the wonderful world of everything makeup, how do I interpret this weeks prompt? Since this is the very first installment of this link-up, it had me thinking a little deeper I suppose.

This week’s prompt is American Beauty. And yes, while my first thoughts were to search “4th of july makeup ideas ” on Pinterest, I thought, you know- red, white and blue makeup would be cool and so much fun (do I even have the supplies to do that? Hellooo Target! ) but what American Beauty really means to me is feeling beautiful in my own skin and in my own style.

So from that, I knew I wanted to take this prompt super seriously. I know this is something fun and it’s ok to be silly but whereas I am excited about trying new things, I feel like I found a new opportunity to grow in love for myself, just as I am. So I wanted to take it- even more than I wanted all the glitter and a trip to Target ;)

I’m constantly feeling super lame for always going with the natural makeup look (when I wear it…) because it seems like everyone else around me looks super glam and fabulous. But that’s just not really…me. Like I said, I’m super excited for this weekly link up because I know it will pull me out of my box, but everyday minimal makeup Jlynn is an American Beauty who is falling more and more in love with her look with, and without makeup.

So since this is the very first Makeup Mix-up link up, I would like to share my makeup free face as well as my take on this week’s prompt: The everyday look of an American Beauty.





My original inspiration for wanting to share my makeup free face was because another big part of this link-up is building relationships, and since this is our first meeting of the makeup mix-up, I wanted to share my blank canvas with this new community. I’m becoming less and less afraid of that. But all of this became even more near and dear to my heart when I discovered last night that some girls in the teen division of the Miss North Carolina Pageant are being bullied online for what they look like without makeup on, by an anonymous person on a twitter account.

I competed in NCOT when I was a teen and although I am no longer in the system, I have not forgotten the sisterhood and what it has taught me. Not everyone is going to be kind but it’s important for those who respect what it means to be a woman of integrity, to stand behind others when they are being attacked by those who don’t. As women, young and beyond, we should build each other up- not find vicious way to tear each other down. I want to dedicate this post to those girls being bullied and say stand firm on the foundations of your beauty and know that it isn’t defined by what someone else says, no matter what the media may tell us. Be proud of feeling beautiful in your own skin and your own style no matter how simple or eclectic it may be!

I’m so excited to be a part of this new venture and I’m stoked for next week because ‘wing it out’ could turn out to be awesome, or look like a massacre occurred on my face. Either way, I’m posting pictures, baby!



Products used:

Coconut oil
NYX Tinted Moisturizer (Tan)
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Clear) [LOVE this stuff]
NYX HD Concealer (Tan)
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur (Medium)
NYX Wonder Stick (Deep)
e.l.f High Definition Powder (Sheer)
e.l.f Contouring Blush&Bronzing Powder (St. Lucia)
e.l.f Blush (Mellow Mauve)
e.l.f eyebrow kit (Medium)
NYX xxl Lush Lashes Mascara [which I don’t know if I like yet, just got it recently]
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Radient Glow) [just a dab over blush]
MAC Lipliner (Whirl)
e.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick (Ravishing Rose)