The Makeup Mix-up! 002: Wing it out


Ok so first off- let me start by saying I am so so sorry for taking so long to respond to comments on last week’s Makeup Mix-up post! I posted it, commented on some other looks then went silent on social media for the most part because of my boo having almost a whole week off from work! It was awesome! But then I saw it had taken me all of those 6 days to respond to your lovely comments and that felt not so awesome, so I will make an effort to be better with that! I should probably also mention that you shouldn’t expect a little graphic like that every week, I’m not the best at them (working on it) but I felt way too Michelle Pfeiffer about that pic to not do something with it. ha!

Ok! So to this week’s prompt: Wing it out! I must say, I was pretty terrified about this because every time I have attempted this, it has gone horribly, horribly wrong. That, and the fact that I don’t own liquid eyeliner (I told you I don’t really do the makeup thing..) and every tutorial on pinterest seems to require it.


Even though I felt like the odds were against me, I clutched the pencil eyeliner I managed to find and went to work. The results didn’t really look like the picture I was looking at even though I did it step by step the way it told me. I contribute this first and foremost to the fact that I have zero experience, then to the whole liquid eyeliner thing, then to the shape of my eye. I’m sure there is a specific way to do this for people who have large eyes with large eyelids, right? I couldn’t find any specific shape tutorial with what looked to me like my eye shape so if you know of any, send em my way!

Here’s how it came out!

wings3ais this creepy? I just wanted to zoom in as close as I could haha!

I do think it’s interesting how it changed the look of my eye altogether, like the shape. My left turned out a little better than my right.


Not going to lie, I feel a little awkward having my husband take pictures of my face. Maybe as this continues I won’t show it on my face so much. haha!


So, I’m not sure if this fits the criteria for “wing it out” because it looks more like part of a lightning bolt when I closed my eyes instead of a “wing” or a “cat eye” type of thing I guess, but it was the best I could do and looked alright when my eyes were open so I went with it!

And by went with it, I mean I did this on Tuesday night and went out on a date with my face like this! Some of you may be thinking, gasp, that looks awful how could she leave the house like that (and you might be a professional, which is fine) but I was gasping more so because I can’t believe I left the house with this much makeup on my face, period! Every time I walked past something where I could see my reflection I was looking at myself, haha! It was definitely kinda weird, but I embraced it because this is pulling me out of my comfort zone so I’m going to let it! Of course I had to snap a couple car selfies beforehand.



I was loving that light. We ended up at dinner and then at the theater to see Jurassic World. Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with the writing but the action scenes were pretty epic. I’m going to be one of those people and say the first one was better. Sorrrryyyyy.




We had an awesome time and I’m so glad this link up has already got me out of my box on just week TWO! Can’t wait to go crazy with some bronzer next week!


Linking up with Jaelan and Miranda today!!


Products used:

Coconut oil
NYX Tinted Moisturizer (Tan)
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Clear) [LOVE this stuff]
NYX HD Concealer (Tan)
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur (Medium)
NYX Wonder Stick (Deep)
e.l.f High Definition Powder (Sheer)
e.l.f Contouring Blush&Bronzing Powder (St. Lucia)
e.l.f Blush (Mellow Mauve)
e.l.f eyebrow kit (Medium)
NYX xxl Lush Lashes Mascara [which I don’t know if I like yet, just got it recently]
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Radient Glow) [just a dab over blush]
MAC Lipliner (Whirl)
e.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick (Ravishing Rose)
e.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow (Smoky)
L’Oreal Silkissine eyeliner (Black)