The Makeup Mix-Up: Green with Envy

Hello Makeup Mix-Up beauties!!!

And of course those of you who don’t participate, hello to you too! By the way…about that, you don’t have to have a blog to participate in this link up! You can use #themakeupmixup on instagram to join in on the fun as well ;)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to make this happen and I’m happy to be back, especially because I was quite pleased with my final results! I will admit, I was a little nervous about using color…literally all the eye colors I own are neutral so I had to go buy something! ha! I’m glad I did though because I didn’t look as absurd as I thought I would with my lack of makeup application skills. I suppose this shade of green would still be considered earthy, but it was out of the norm for me for sure. Every time I participate in this link up it causes me to step out of the box and it always boosts my confidence in my abilities. I just love that!


Although it’s not my favorite color, I do love green. Emerald is my birthstone and I always felt like that was so appropriate for me for some reason. I went through this stage of wanting it to be a pearl, but I knew deep down the Emerald was the correct stone for me.

I went with a green and gold blend because neutrals are my comfort zone so I thought that would help balance out my nerves a bit and hide my lack of talent/skill. I figured I could blend a color that I was a little more comfortable with while I’m still in these “learning” stages. I will say though, it seems that every time I’ve put aside some time and actually tried, I’ve surprised myself!


In terms of what I used to achieve this look it’s fairly simple. Before work I put on my e.l.f Mineral Infused Face Primer (clear) underneath my NYX Tinted moisturizer (tan). I applied NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur (medium- love this stuff!), Givenchy mascara (black taffeta), and a little bit of e.l.f Blush (tickled pink) as well. After I clocked out I picked up some Milani eyeshadow (Bella Emerald) and blended it together with MAC eye shadow (amber lights-gold&most darling-brown)  and e.l.f shadow (enchanted-gold) to create this look. I touched up my mascara and blush, adding a little bit of bronzer from my Urban Decay Naked pallet (flushed) underneath my cheekbones. To finish it off I lined my lips with a MAC lipliner (whirl) and put some coconut oil on top. I probably could have used a little mascara on the tops of my lashes. oops! next time ;)


And there you have it! I’m thankful to have branched out and tried something like this because I have a wedding that I am attending this weekend and I just might try this again!!

Also, you may already know that I’ve been working on going completely cruelty free with my products. I could probably say that I have pretty much done that but I do still use some of my old products that are not animal friendly. I threw most of them out but I did hold on to a few of them. I haven’t purchased anything that isn’t on the cruelty free list here in the last six months unless I just genuinely wasn’t paying attention but I am still learning and working on it. If you’re interested in doing the same you should check out Tashina at Logical Harmony. It’s a great blog with a lot of information on how to go cruelty free or vegan with your products. There is an awesome Cruelty Free&Vegan Brand List and she even provides weekly updates on cruelty free brands to keep you up to date on changes in the industry. I’ve really enjoyed learning about product options!

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I know I don’t have any photos of what the look is like with my eyes not looking down…I hope you’ll continue to bare with me as I learn how to do this. Ha! I will say my husband is starting to get the hang of taking my picture without complaining that I’ve stopped him right in the middle of a disc golf session.


I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Lots of love to you



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