The Makeup Mix-Up: Highlight Spotlight

Hello Makeup Mix-Up friends! (and everyone else too of course!)

I am SO happy to be back for this link up. I had every intention of being here every single week but ya know how offline life can get so hectic you just don’t even know what is up and what is down? All the mommas out there are wanting to slap me across the face for even thinking I know what a hectic life is like I’m sure. How ever will I keep my wits about me when I myself am a mother?!

I’m feeling like a real blogger today because as I write this, I am drinking an iced coffee. Whaaaaaa?! I know. For those of you who know me (even a little bit), you know that I am not a coffee drinker. So that should tell you something about how unable to get my life together that I am right now. Ha!

Wanna know another secret? I took these photos today. Yep. I’m working on the whole scheduling posts thing but to tell you  the truth, it has nothing to do with that. You see, makeup is not a part of my daily routine (eyebrows&tinted moisturizer don’t count, amen?) so taking the time to do a full face is something that I have to schedule time for and this week just slipped right on through my little fingers. BUT! I wasn’t going to let building new routines and time flying stop me this week because I so enjoy the company of the beautiful ladies that participate in this link up!

So here’s what I look like today!!



You only get two photos because I’m still working on the whole, not looking completely awkward in these photos thing. :)

In one of Miranda’s past posts (I would link it but I don’t know which one it was! sorry!!), she mentioned something about using the strobing technique for this prompt. Not knowing in the slightest what this was, I googled immediately. Basically it’s like highlight and contour without the contour? I’m not good at either of those things so I just decided I would give strobing a try and cake on the golden e.l.f primer (Radiant Glow) that I love to really hit the highlight point home.

Last minute I changed my mind and decided I wanted to give contouring another go as well but I still was heavy with the e.l.f primer and even did a touch of a yellow shimmer toned eye shadow (Physician’s Formula) over it to really make it pop. Hopefully it worked! I should say hopefully these iphone photos give you somewhat of an idea of what’s going on.

Does anyone else feel like in order to have your makeup picked up by a camera you have to REALLY put a lot on? I know it’s this way for stage shows and things of that , but even just regular ol’ photos. It’s discouraging to me because I want my looks to come out in  photos when I go out, but I never feel comfortable wearing enough makeup to do so.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone again today and wearing this look to mecca Target. Wish me luck!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day today! So glad to be back on the blog&the Makeup Mix-up!


Products used:

Coconut oil
NYX Tinted Moisturizer (Tan)
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Clear) [LOVE this stuff]
NYX HD Concealer (Tan)
NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur (Medium)
NYX Wonder Stick (Deep)
e.l.f High Definition Powder (Sheer)
e.l.f Contouring Blush&Bronzing Powder (St. Lucia)
e.l.f eyebrow kit (Medium)
NYX xxl Lush Lashes Mascara
e.l.f Mineral Face Primer (Radient Glow)
MAC Lipliner (Whirl)
Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip stain (umm not really sure about the color, it says Feutre A Levres on the back…does that mean anything?)
Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strip (Vegas Strip/Light Bronzer)


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