The Wedding

wedding day

The photo above is from my wedding day.  No, it’s not a fancy portrait of us in a suit and white dress. I don’t even have makeup on I don’t think. In fact, we didn’t even know those people standing next to us, but that day was the most adventurous, exciting and joyful day of my life. Right down to the first dance in front of the courthouse steps with only the melody of the breeze to keep time. It’s because of this that this crazy photo will always be the one I cherish most. I had so much fun keeping the secret with my husband for those next few weeks but it was very exciting not only to tell our loved ones, but also to see the happiness they had for us that continues to grow as we all continue to get to know each other with the changing seasons. It took two weeks for us to embrace our spontaneity fueled by a moonstruck love and head to the courthouse, but the day we did is one of my truest treasures.  I share some secrets from that day here. Thank you, Andrew for running wild with me.


Amy Leigh Photography
Amy Leigh Photography

 And of course to celebrate our love with everyone, we did the whole suit&white dress thing too ; ) More on that below!

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