Things I’ve learned since yesterday

Hey hey!

I’m super excited to be back here today! Yesterday was quite a day for me. It might not seem like much but with having worked on the idea of putting this together for as long as I have, it was really great sharing my first post.  I had done (what I thought was) a lot of research before yesterday, but I guess there are somethings that don’t really hit you until you click publish for the first time. They might be different for everyone but here are a few of my after first post thoughts.


Today is really yesterday

This little tidbit might be blogger specific but it was the biggest lesson learned I think. I want to start off by saying that I noticed this but never really had it hit me until, well maybe today. Ha! Correct me if I’m wrong but posts are typically published late the night before so the early bird blog readers get to read posts the day they were meant to be read as opposed to the following one. Oh but yes, here I am, publishing after 2pm and I seriously feel like the girl coming into the full classroom in the middle of the lecture. Tomorrow is another day!



So, Apparently me owning this site doesn’t mean I don’t have to tell you not to take my words and use them as your own. Or some random famous person’s if you’re trying to make one of those cute inspirational quote graphics for Pinterest. So I’ll be working on one of those “don’t steal my words yo” statements to add to my beautiful sidebar but you heard it here first. Honestly I hadn’t really thought about it until I was thinking about posting some of my poetry here (cringe). We’ll get to that eventually.


Email Subscriptions

This isn’t exactly something I learned yesterday, more like something I realized which  is that somehow, you can subscribe to my blog with your email. This way if you don’t keep up with me on twitter or bloglovin’ you can still have a way of being alerted when I post. I knew people had this option on their blogs and whatnot but I just never thought to do it but I think I’m going to make it happen! This may not be exciting to anyone but my parents. I do also feel the need though to mention that I don’t know how to do this yet but once I figure it out, I will let you know!


I’m ready to tame my nails

Ok so this is totally unrelated to blogging but I was really annoyed with myself last night so I just thought I would share. I went out to a lovely dinner with some family members last night and since I haven’t gotten much of a chance to go out since I moved, I wanted to look nice. This may just be me but I am constantly polishing off a look and walking out the door to go somewhere nice only to look down at my horrifically chipped fingernails and feel defeated. Hashtag- tales from last night. This may be something everyone else already knows or doesn’t care about but if you know me, you know that to me, dressing up can mean putting on jeans. So when I put in effort to look nice to go somewhere nice with friends or family, it’s super annoying to look down and see my 8th grade punk rock phase all over again on my fingers that I totally forgot about. If that’s what you’re in to then that’s totally cool, but I don’t think it’s my thing and I think I just realized that last night. Crazy thing is…I don’t really enjoy getting my nails done. I might get a pedicure every once in a while with a girlfriend but besides that I keep my nails up myself. Read-keep short, unpainted nails. With the holidays coming up I figured I would grow my nails out and try to keep them painted. Week one: Epic Fail. Never thought I’d come to a day where I wanted to put in effort to keep my nails up. What is happening. I guess it’s time to order some of those Jamberry nails my friend Jaelan at Making Mrs. M has raved about!


This isn't the best photo of the actual nail chipping but it is the least embarrassing! Ha!
This isn’t the best photo of the actual nail chipping but it is the least embarrassing! Ha!


I hope your Monday put you off to a good start to the week and your day today has been nothing short of amazing! I’ll be back late tonight bright and early tomorrow! Thursday or Friday I’m planning on sharing the contents of the Operation Christmas Child boxes we’re putting together tonight. The weather might be gloomy but it’s nothing a little Christmas cheer can’t fix! (Buddy voice)

Love to you all