This week’s happenings!

I think I’m motivated to write today. I feel like I should end that with an exclamation mark because I do get excited to write but I just don’t know if I have much exclamation in me! Ok there’s one. Ha!

 The week before last we had a sickly little kitty then this past week week was a looooong but event&loveful week. I went back to my hometown for a visit and while I was there it was totally non-stop. I did my usual thing where I didn’t take enough photos. Still working on that I suppose!

Sunday, the first day, my dad and his family were here too so we celebrated Father’s Day and worked on clearing out some temporary storage pods in my grandparent’s front yard until dark.

I did some babysitting for a family vacationing on the beach on Monday then went back to helping the fam finish the pod clear out and clean up until dark again. If you follow me on twitter you saw that I got so into the work I totally forgot to watch The Bachelorette!




I was so upset because live tweeting the bachelorette is so fun. There are some things going on with it that are not so fun but I have a post devoted to that subject alone coming up next week. ANYWAYYYS. It’s fun to watch. And apparently, it’s more like a scripted show this season than ever. I don’t really remember because the last Bachelor I watched was Jake? And the last Bachelorette I watched was Ali? Maybe Emily (yay for NC!)? I don’t remember anything beyond that though haha. So I missed that but I was able to watch it ondemand later. What I did have to wait for was True Detective!

Tuesday my stepmom, sisters and I went to the beach for some girl time. We had a blast considering our umbrella was broken and we didn’t realize it until we got there. BOO! But also kinda hilarious at the same time. We ripped holes in the top hoping that would help being that we just buried it in the sand (the anchor was broken).


Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants which is where this photo came from:



If you follow me on IG (@jlynnjustad) you may have already seen that. It captures the essence of the outside patio seating so beautifully. If you’re ever in Wilmington, NC make sure you check out Indochine.

My Papa tagged along for that dinner but he and my stepmom headed home while me and my sisters went to see Inside Out. My 7 year old sister had been wanting to see it and so had me and Jasmine. I liked it, but it ended up being kinda sad! Of course it had a happy ending and taught a good lesson, but I cried a few times. My 7 year old sis and I both have the same little sensitive heart so she was crying too. Ha!

Wednesday,  I did some more babysitting for the beach couple and a girlfriend of mine. She needed something last minute and I was happy to be in town and able to help her out. It was nice getting to catch up as well once she got home from work.

 Thursday was a day of much needed rest to start off. I got some work done on a couple projects that I’ve been working on/needed to finish for the weekend and was able to take a restorative nap that did my body good. Especially since I was about to go out to dinner with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a while and consume tequila…followed by meeting up with a mutual friend and consuming a few shots of fireball. Whatttttt. Yea I know. But I drank responsibly, and even got a cute photo with my friends :)



So if you’re wondering where I’ve been, there you have it. I’ve been either caring for a sick kitty (we’re still having to keep an eye on him but things seem to be looking up!), helping family, visiting with loved ones or working on a few secret little projects I have going on (more on those a little later..).

I hope you all have had a fantastic past couple of weeks and a glorious upcoming weekend! I’m looking forward to Monday and swapping weekend happenings ;)

Love to all of you!!

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