Hello friends! and happy Tuesday!

I must say I feel quite silly as my words contradicted one another yesterday. Yesterday, I tweeted about being on the border of a freak out over not having my Christmas card game together. I was just saying how I am going to do my best at not letting the holiday stresses get to me, then hours later I’m panicking over Christmas cards. I guess I still have some work to do. I just want to share holiday happiness with everyone via snail mail! Is that too much to aspire to?! Andrew and I have been married for almost 3 years and I think we got a “New Years card” out once. Maybe I could turn that into a tradition. Instead of a Christmas card, I could do a holiday card..first of the year! Those closest to me will tell you that this is me trying to make room in my life for my procrastination problem. And they might be right.

Speaking of us being married for almost three years…that turns into exactly 3 years on Sunday! I can’t wait! We talked about it last night and decided to bring in our anniversary; we’re going to do our annual Christmas decoration day! I’ve been thinking about traditions a lot lately and it must be in the air because a few of the blogs I keep up with have been talking about them as well. With all the stresses that the holidays can bring of shopping and sending out Christmas cards on time, it’s important to stop and make time to get back to the simple things you enjoy doing just because you enjoy doing them with the ones you love.

One of my most favorite traditions that Andrew and I have started since being married is our Christmas decorating day. On a day in the first week or two of December, we go get the tree and bring out all the decorations. We decorate the tree then the entire rest of the house all in one day (while playing Christmas music of course). We then reward ourselves with cookies&milk and a movie…which is always the same…Elf! We make sure it’s our first time watching it for the season (because let’s face it. We all know that WE ALL watch Elf more than once over the Christmas holiday).


 Christmas time in our first house circa 2013. Not from Christamas decorating of those other nights we watched Elf.
Christmas time in our first house circa 2013. Not from Christamas decorating day…one of those other nights we watched Elf.


When Andrew asked me if I had any ideas of what I might like to do that day I answered truthfully. I could have come up with something more “anniversary style” but my choice for the evening’s events really had nothing to do with actual holiday excitement. On our anniversary I just want to have time with my husband that is fun and brings us closer together. I experience so much joy participating in doing things that we have started together that we’ll share with our own little family one day.

All of this of course brought me back to the other holiday traditions we’ve started. For instance, we always have hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve circa 2012 in our downtown apartment
Christmas Eve circa 2012 in our downtown apartment


 We also give our Christmas gifts themes! This way it’s creative and somewhat helps us stay within budget boundaries. Somewhat.  Last year’s theme was the 5 senses and this year is handmade. Andrew is an artist and I am a lover of pretty much any kind of crafting but with all the moving around we’ve been doing lately it’s been hard to find a creative flow. I suggested this theme to maybe change that a little. Here’s hoping! They might just be the most terrible gifts and we’ll laugh. Either way, it’s bound to be awesome.


such a sweet/hilarious/so Andrew note on one of my gifts from last year.


“To the most beautiful sight I ever did see. Lord take my eyes, but not my wife. Preferably neither. May we never lose sight of what truly matters”

(That’s an exclusive photo in case you guys were wondering.)

Our newest annual happening came to us last week! I used to have this crazy idea that people shouldn’t listen to Christmas music before December 1st but I was just a scrooge. So, this year, Andrew and I came up with this idea of listening to Christmas music together for the first time, the morning after Thanksgiving and I must say- I didn’t hate it. It felt like it was officially Christmas. So we slapped the good ol’ “Tradition” label on it and voila! Can’t wait to continue that one next year!

I know traditions happen year round but they seem to come out in full force around the holidays. Any interesting/weird/totally normal traditions you and your family participate in around the holidays?

I hope the week is being fabulous to you and I pray that you (and myself) will be able to fight the forces of holiday stress with relaxing vigilance!

Love Love Love Love!