Walking on Water



Most of you reading probably know that I’m from a mid-size beach town on the east coast. Having grown up at the beach I always find it astonishing when people have only been a handful of times or even not at all. If you’ve never been, then the physical experience I’m about to share won’t be relatable but the message I think is for everyone. It jumped out at me one October day last year on one of my final trips to the beach as a resident.

When you’re walking away from the ocean, it looks like you’re walking on a treadmill. You’re moving forward towards (more) solid ground and there is a force behind you taking out the old and bringing in the new- literally changing the ground you’re walking on right before your eyes.

But at first glance, it seems you’re going nowhere.

With my 25th birthday having just passed, I can’t help but think about how far I’ve come. I can’t help but think of sweet Nikita. I can’t help but think of all the ups and downs I’m sure are to continue to come as the year continues to progress, just like  in years past. But this year, and forevermore,  I want to hold on to this reminder that as the years pass, although there will be times where it seems like: We are going nowhere. Things aren’t changing. No one cares…

The fact is that no matter how good/smart/organized/efficient we are, we never truly see the whole picture.

There are forces all around us that we can’t see that are working for our aid, not just against us, as sometimes it might seem. This is true, but it is still up to us to keep moving. You see, if you stand too long on the ocean’s treadmill like surface your feet will sink into the earth as the waves move in and out, as though you were standing on quicksand. It becomes increasing harder to move forward…but stillnot impossible. As long as one keeps moving forward, a more solid ground will be found.

So as we continue to move full speed ahead through this year and beyond, I challenge you (and my own self) to take a second look. A deeper look. To forever stay positive and hopeful. To believe that everything can work out for your greater good. Believe that the old will flush out, the new will come in and you’ll be standing on solid ground when all is said and done – even if it doesn’t look that way in the present moment.

This message came at an exceptionally perfect time for me because at the time, I was about to make my first move away from my hometown, my family and the sea. Something I was excited about, but scared of all at the same time. Although this encouragement came in 2014 and I’m sharing it in 2015, it’s one I want to carry with me for the rest of my years because I believe it to be relevant no matter where you are in life. My hope is that you might be blessed and carry it with you as well.

lalunaOne of my current favorite photos of a hometown beach. Luna in the corner shining ♥



I would like to express great gratitude for the beach, the ocean and all its many wonders and life lessons.



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