Weekend Happenings!


I can’t lie and say I know what legend that’s from or if it is a legend at all and someone didn’t just make it up for a pinterest graphic, but what I can tell you is that I love it. It sounds like it’s from a story I would have loved as a child or a sci-fi movie that I would love now as an adult (wait, am I an adult?).

I also can’t say that this post includes the entirety of my weekend happenings. I did something I’ve been waiting to do for MONTHS now and I just got home yesterday so the post will have to wait until a little later in the week. I’ve got sooo many pictures to go through. See, I’m doing much better!

What I can tell you that’s been going on (beyond this past weekend) is some seriously crazy dreams. So, no, I’m not awake at night possibly in someone else’s dreams but if you have been having a bout of insomnia…you are possibly awake in mine. The crazy thing is though, I can remember almost all of them in great detail. I haven’t been writing them down (I’m about to change that..) but I can still remember them so vividly. It’s weird.

I’ve even had a repeat of a dream I had literally years ago, that I still remember. What’s even more weird is that the scenery from that dream showed up in a movie a few years after I had it. I know that sounds like I borderline need to be institutionalized or maybe saw the movie poster and just didn’t remember, and that’s fine. I know, and I’m the only one that needs to know that I’m not insane. Unless I am?! Kidding. I’m kidding. About the insane thing, not the dream thing because I definitely had that dream about 2 years before that movie was even talked about.

And no, I’m not pregnant. When researching crazy dreams, you get many a article on how it happens in pregnancy a lot, but it seems it’s later on down the line anyway.