Weekend Happenings!

Hey, hey it’s Monday, ya knoo-ooooow.

K I’m done. Does anyone else sing unrelated lyrics to familiar tunes?


Ok so my week/weekend had been nuts and I often wonder if you guys hate me because I don’t take enough pictures. Ok so hate is an intense word but really I am so terrible about preserving the moment in pictures that I’m embarrassed. I’m sorta kinda a blogger now so I need to get my shxt together right?!

So without further ado- here is a mimnial picture (as in just one) post updating you on my weekend happenings.

Friday. So if you read Friday’s post, you know that I was in Wilmington last week helping my grandparents, visiting friends and family and so on. Well, I was still in Wilmington on Friday. I spend that day continuing to help my grandparents get settled in their place and that’s pretty much that. Morning until dark. Whew.

Saturday was more eventful in that after helping my grandparents with some things, I went to see the new movie DOPE with my cousin after visiting with my other grandparent for a bit. Yea I know, how lucky am I that my grandparents (among other relatives) all live in one city? Love it! After the movie, we had some crab dip and sparkling wine at a restaurant we enjoy then it was straight to bed for me because I’m lame. Translation: I have no children and I still crash. Lord help me when I am a momma. I feel like I say that a lot.

Sunday was spent finishing up some things my grandmother needed help with as well as packing up my things for my journey back to my husband and kitty babies. I was able to find some quiet time on the front porch of my grandparents’ house with a glass of wine and catch a view of the beautiful colors the sun put on display as it set over the river.

sunsetskyMy no filter iphone photo. NC is such a beautiful place.

Lots was happening last week and weekend! I’m always thankful for opportunities to see friends and family although I’m never able to fit everything in that I want to do no matter how long I stay. I suppose I should pride myself on the fact that I get lost in the moments rather than feel the need to take a thousand photos (I feel like I say that a lot) but I really do want to get better about taking pictures. The reason is not just the blog (although I’m hoping it will hold me accountable to my goal) but it’s moreso just because my friend Niki really showed me how important taking photos can end up being. Photographs can be such a blessing and I want to stop taking them for granted I suppose. Does that make any sense?

Anyway. I had a lovely weekend with the ones I love and I hope you did too. Cheers to new adventures in the week ahead!