Hello there friends&family! I am so excited and thankful that you want to come spend a little bit of your day with me here. Get cozy with your tea/coffee/alcoholic beverage and let me introduce you to my little space here.

You know, I really do have so many ideas about what direction I want to take this all in. It feels so refreshing because honestly, I’m feeling that way about life in general. I have been doing a lot of transitioning here lately and there is more to follow here in these next 6 months, but I feel like I can see so clearly. I can’t make out the details exactly just yet, but the lighting is beautiful. I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and I can feel a serious difference now from where I used to be. It’s been a long journey (one I am still traveling) but it’s all a little bit easier now. I’ve been doing a lot of letting go and allowing myself to experience acceptance. It’s been wonderful.

I guess that’s where the inspiration behind this whole thing really came from. I don’t know much about fashion or cooking or being a mom, those things will come I’m sure and I hope to document them here, but I also just need a space to keep my thoughts. A space to hold myself accountable for the things I kept telling myself I wanted to do for whatever reason, but “never had time” to do.  A space to maybe get some help from some other loving souls who just want to encourage and be encouraged. A space to share with friends and family, a most joyous journey.

I feel like some people might be wondering what I’ll be posting here and when. If you’re a planner- you might not like to hear this but- I kinda don’t have one. When it comes to a post schedule, I wish I could give you a solid one (and hope to be able to in the future) but unfortunately I can’t. I know that makes things kinda annoying if you don’t use bloglovin’ , but whereas I want to commit to this blog by promising time and heart, I think scheduling exactly when that time will be might be a bit much with me having just moved to a new city as well as heading into the holidays. As far as what I’ll be posting about, I can’t really give you that either because I’m not sure yet. I’ll probably talk about being a nanny and my challenged ability to put outfits together. Or how it’s taken forever for me and my hair to become friends. Although I’m working on things in the photography department around here, I won’t promise photos in every post or proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.Those things are nice but I’m not looking for a grade here, just an avenue for my thoughts. They’re all jumbled up in my head so they will probably appear to be jumbled up here sometimes, too. That’s life. Its imperfect, it’s jumbled but it’s a journey that can be beautiful and filled with adventure if you focus on what’s positive without ignoring the negative. Isn’t there some saying that talks about being able to appreciate the good and the bad or something? I don’t know but speaking of bad- you will also find some bad words scattered about, too. Sorry mom!

I might complain a little, rejoice a lot, express emotion. Anything that finds it’s way into the flow of my life and catches my attention will probably show up here. Honestly I’m pretty excited to see what fruits here myself. I don’t know what any of this is going to look like, but I can promise you one thing- I didn’t come here to pretend to be someone I’m not, I came to finally, totally and completely, let myself out of the cage. So here I am. Cheers to a new chapter.