What to expect: The Starling’s Journey 2015

It seems everywhere I turn people are having babies or making pregnancy announcements. The blog world is full of baby bumps right now, but my own personal life is as well! I don’t think I can count on one hand the number of people I know personally who will be giving birth in early 2015. I couldn’t be more thrilled for each and every one of them but Andrew and I aren’t quite there yet. Having just passed our 3 year marriage anniversary, questions of when we will be next have been coming from all angles. I don’t mind those questions at all, but my mind can’t help but wander around the things that actually are currently going on.

I have no such announcement for now, but what has been on the forefront of my mind is this blog. My new baby of sorts. At only a few weeks into this I have been having so much fun and feel a surge in my creativity. It’s because of this that I’ve been thinking more and more about what I will be “giving birth” to here in 2015. From what I have read, content and consistency are key in blogging. To be honest…I didn’t come here thinking about either of those things. I came here simply to share all the random, possibly completely unimportant to anyone but myself, details about life. The more I feel confronted with the question ‘what should people expect from this?’, the more I feel completely stumped in some ways and completely prepared in others.

After reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Daisy, I really started to think about the question she posed. Could what starts as a hobby turn into a business venture? Sure! Does the thought of when that might happen bring stress to my shoulders? No way. For now, I just want an outlet where I can get to know myself better, record the memories of my life with my husband and make connections with other people that can uplift me, challenge me and encourage me. My hopes are to do the same. I want this place to be a constant source of good energy for all who visit here no matter where it goes. I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to control every little thing and that my friends, is a stress load on the shoulders. So for once in my life- I’m going to let go and let love flow.

In my first post, I opened up my soul a little bit, but here recently I’ve been getting excited at the thought of sharing a few of the practical details of what the body of work I intend to produce in 2015 will look like. I haven’t made any resolutions in a while but sitting back and thinking about all the things 2015 could hold for me got me super stoked to get up and start “doing”, so I thought I would share to ease some of my antsyness! Totally not a real word but roll with it.

 What to Expect from The Starling’s Journey?

 I can honestly say I had NO idea how deep all of this blogging stuff really goes first starting out. I’m discovering the amount of information on all you can do here is oceans deep so, like the ocean (and et-hm, real life), I have figured that this will be ever evolving. I’ve read so many times “find your niche” and that’s all good and fine…but what about those of us that don’t know what our own niche is yet?! What if I don’t ever know?! (Dramatic, I know, but stay with me.)

 I guess my “niche” (at this moment) is just..people like me. People who can’t put their finger on just ONE thing. People who want to know a little bit about everything. Who just want to connect and ramble a little bit about nothing even. People who aren’t afraid of not having a niche. I’m not sure if that’s a very good strategy for this whole thing per se, but people also tell you to stick to what you know…and in all my 24 years, that’s what I’ve come up with- I haven’t got the slightest clue about anything really. That’s actually a pretty scary thing to admit. It makes me feel pretty vulnerable to be honest. But I take heart in that I know that I’m still learning. I’m still evolving. Honestly, I hope to stay that way forever but whoever told us as teenagers that we had to have this thing called life figured out before 25 should be tripped while they’re running.

With that being said, and with no agenda mapped out at all at this point (other than my bucket list items), I’m sure you will see posts on the following things:

How awesome my husband is

Attempts at cooking and baking


A little bit of fashion&beauty [Just a heads up, I’m on a pretty elementary level with all of that stuff.]

Finding faith. I’m still not quite ready to dive into all of this yet but it’s been a reoccurring theme in my life lately…

Books! I’ve gotten so into reading blogs lately that I have neglected my book reading. Honestly I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Stay tuned.

Adjusting to relocation.

Gift Giving&DIY crafts&scrapbooking (obsessions…)

Marriage talk. This is a new one I am considering.

Finding balance in life&simplifying

Cat stories.  

All of this stuff is obviously subject to change because I am just figuring all this out but I can tell you one thing. This is a judgement free zone. 100%. If you feel like something I am saying is in any way judging you or your lifestyle or beliefs or anything in ANY WAY. Please email me. Lets talk. Because I truly believe that it’s perfectly possibly to have different beliefs on anything yet still maintain 100% respect for one another.

So, what do I hope to give birth to? Growth in my life. And I want to document it here. Mainly for myself, but not without thought of others who may need an encouraging word or just a reassurance that you’re not alone in the everyday instances of life and navigating it.


Happy New Year and Love to you all.