What’s going on here

I made it!

I’m super glad to be back today with a special shout out to one of my best friends Alicia (who is also the mother of my first goddaughter!) for calling me up yesterday super excited about reading my blog but wanting to know how she could get notifications that I had posted. This just made my little heart so happy because I had just hit publish on a post that talked about exactly that! I guess my parents weren’t the only ones who would be excited about that. Ha!

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to talk about this today but after a few freezing, rainy, cloudy days..it’s a beautiful, sunny day here where I am. Staying positive is always important but it’s a little easier when the weather is bright and cheery (although it’s f r e e z i n g!). Last night, although I had a wonderful day, I found myself getting a little homesick. At first I wasn’t sure what it was all about but as I thought about the day, it kinda just overcame me.

Yesterday was great. I had a productive morning, relaxing early afternoon and a great afternoon and evening with my wonderful husband. We made it to the bank before 5, dropped off some things at our storage unit and even made a run to Target. Instant awesome day right there. I think my favorite part of the day was the storage unit drop off though. My husband, Andrew, is so much fun. He can turn the most boring thing into a car ride full of laughter with an impromptu photo shoot at the end because “the lighting is awesome and it looks like it would be a scene in the zombie apocalypse where we’re rummaging through storage units for supplies”.


Just rummaging through storage units for supplies. The usual.
Just rummaging through storage units for supplies. The usual.

I’m sure the RV selection would be less and they wouldn’t be as well kept but just use your imagination. Anyway, even with all this fun going on, I still found myself missing my hometown at the end of the day and the more I thought about it, it kinda hit me that what’s really going on is that for the first time, maybe ever, I’m beginning to feel settled and unconditionally joyful….and I just moved away from so many people that I want to share that me with. I love being with Andrew and our fur children here, it’s just that when I moved, I moved away from 6 immediate family members, a number of aunts, uncles, cousins, my dear friend Alicia (who I spoke about above) and her baby girl, a few other dear friends and countless people I care about and love. I lived there my whole life.

I know it’s good to get out and start new journeys. I am ready for that and excited about what’s ahead for my husband and the little family we hope to create one day. I just want my loved ones back home to be able to share in the life of this person I feel is blossoming now. In a way, I’m homesick but overall I think I’m just realizing how at home I really am just in my own soul and I just want to share that with the ones I love. I think ultimately, that’s the goal here. Thanks for sharing in my joy and know I’m sending all of that energy to you. Love to you all.