Where in the world is Jlynn Justad?!

Hello loved ones!

I’m so glad you came here to see what I have been up to! I feel like a terrible friend because I mentioned on twitter that you would see me here Tuesday, but I was not here. I am so sorry but while I feel as though I was being a terrible friend, it was only because I was giving all my attention to my ill husband. Sad times but Andrew had some sort of a stomach bug on Monday. He was feeling so bad he came home early from work and was out the next day. Happy times though now because he has recovered!

There has been lots going on this past week but I overestimated how much time I would have to write about it all. I have an album I want to write about, an engagement, a movie, plans I have for 2015…lots! I thought I would have some time to update you all but a (semi last minute) very quick trip to my hometown ended up totally cleaning me out of any and all energy, and then Andrew got sick so I have been preoccupied!

I’ll have to give you the run down some other time, but our transition from our previous city to where we are now has been pretty unconventional. We ended up with some things still in storage back home that we needed to get so we did it over this past weekend and it felt like a straight up, full on move.

We got there Saturday evening just in time to catch dinner and a movie with my dad and grandparents. They are quite a hoot.




We saw Exodus. I want to give you my thoughts on the movie later but I will say I had a wonderful time. It was an experience to remember that’s for sure. My mother is so hilarious; she doesn’t go to the movies ever. She doesn’t like loud anything. She ended up falling asleep (how, I have no idea but she did) then wakes up suddenly and hollers at my dad “Turn that down!” Ha! It was pretty hilarious. I’m sure not for anyone but me but whatever. I can check go to the movies with my mother off my list of memories and I even have a silly story to mark the occasion. Sorry not sorry to anyone that was annoyed.

That night our soon to be sister in law Kristen got into town for the holidays from Florida. Andrew’s brother (her fiancé) is getting to NC here soon. We all used to live in the same town so she drove up and stopped at the beach to visit some friends and stayed the night with us at my grandparent’s place. Sunday morning when she headed to her friend’s house, we headed out as well. We were able to grab a quick breakfast with a couple of our dear friends and one of the cutest little boys you ever did see! After eating at one of our favorite Wilmington spots (Sweet n Savory!) we picked up the Uhaul and were off to load up our storage stuff and a few pieces of furniture we didn’t sell. We wouldn’t have gotten back on the road so quickly had it not been for my dad and papa helping us load up so we are so grateful to them for that!

A 3 hour drive and an unload later we were cleaning up for pizza, Netflix and some rest. Andrew’s dad was able to help us with unloading so that was a huge blessing as well. Honestly, everything went as well as it could have possibly gone and I could not be more thankful for that but it was exhausting. I have no idea why I thought there would be any time to write! All is calm now though (no Christmas pun intended) and I have some time to catch up.

Lots of exciting things are coming up not just in life but with the blog also. I’ve been at this blogging thing a month or so now and my vision for it all is exploding. I’m just excited about life in general and I hope you are too!

Love to all of you!