Where my Whole30 updates went…

Hello loves!

Ok so I know I teased you with a Whole 30 update last week then things went dark here. If you follow me on instagram (@jlynnjustad), you know I was on a mini beach vacation and if you follow me on twitter (@jlynnjustad) you know I had no internet!

Welllllll a little further information….

Andre and I had a mini beach vacation with all his best friends and their women over last week/weekend and I didn’t have anything scheduled for the blog because there were a couple things I needed to change up on a couple of the posts. I figured I could take 30 minutes to do it before the rest of the group got there as we were to be the first to arrive.

WELL. The internet was non-existent in the house! They totally didn’t advertise that but whatever…I could have used my phone, but that was just too much. I decided to go with the flow and accept the invitation from the universe to just let things that weren’t going my way go. I put away the screens&anxieties and focused on having a good time with my husband.

I had a great time!! It was a wonderful combination of relaxing and upbeat. I did find myself sleeping heavily though but I think that was because it was my first time drinking since the start of the Whole 30. I was slightly worried my body would not be happy with me but I didn’t get sick at all so I felt that was a vacation victory!

I did choose to stick to Tequila&Vodka because it’s paleo. I used mixers like soda water and pure fruit juice. I can’t believe I resisted beer! I haven’t reintroduced bread or anything back into my diet yet so I felt the need to skip out on beer as well but more on that later.

Speaking of which… my Whole 30 updates will resume tomorrow and will go through the week so I can catch up. This is my birthday month and I’ve had a lot of reflective thoughts on the big(ish) two-five that I’m super excited to share so I want to (try) to stay on schedule with posting those :)


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’ll leave you with a couple photos from our trip. If you know me, you know I’m terrible at documenting events with pictures so you probably saw these on IG but there are a couple I don’t think I posted so there’s that. ha! Yes…I’m still working on it, I promise.

Happy Monday to you!!




myrtle-beach-3sooooo fluffffyyyy! :)


moonMoments like this make me wish I had a dope camera…

andrewmoon01mini naps on the porch with Luna ♥