Your New Year resolution is NOT lame.




Someone recently told me that my blog titles should be straight to the point. Nothing cheeky or too mysterious. So I figured this post was the perfect place to start. Now, I realize a more popular time to post this would have been when this topic was still on the forefront of conversation, but I think the message behind this post (that was intended to be published mid January) is relevant all year long. 

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent the last few (read: 5 or 6) years as somewhat of a recluse. I’ve hid from the world pretty much and just about everyone in it. Kinda. Anyway- what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t realize there was this much disdain for the “New Year’s Resolution” by the general public. To be honest there was a time when I would shame the “new year, new me” statement but I didn’t realize how widely adopted that viewpoint is.

I’ve seen them referred to as “lame” too many times to count and looking from the light of my new perspective, it’s frustrating because, why should we give people such a hard time for giving themselves a second chance?

“New year,  new me” says, “hope for me and what I want out of life is NOT lost.”

So what people might fail halfway through the year or sooner? We all fail at some point with a lot of things. What makes a failure by someone at something started in the middle of the year any more noble because of effort than the failure of someone who starts something on January 1st? Now I understand that starting things and not finishing them is a whole ‘nother subject but that’s not the one I’m on so stay with me boo!

All I’m saying is that I think being able to say “New year, new me” is a statement that could only come from a courageous heart, especially with all the scrutiny new year resolutions seem to be getting these days. Having hope for your life is one of the most powerful positive thoughts you can feel.

When someone says they’re “over people making New Year resolutions” or they’re lame or whatever it’s just spreading negativity. They might not want to take on making resolutions themselves but it shouldn’t be shamed for everyone else. A new year/month/day/hour, new me statement is one of the most brave statements I can think of. Yea, what if you fail and people talk? Ok, let’s cross that bridge when we get to it though because A. people do that all the time anyway whether you fail or succeed. And B, just think of this:

What if you don’t.

Yes, I was once a person who might have called making new year’s resolutions lame but my perspective has shifted. This post is me begging forgiveness because I have realized that New Year’s resolutions are not lame at all if only simply because they are made up of hopeful thoughts and positive energy and having hope will never be lame.

I think everyone has a point in their life where they need a second chance from someone else or their own self. Probably more than one. I think that’s just life. So good luck to you with your new year resolution or just that second chance you might need from whoever, for whatever reason, smack in the middle of the year. And of course remember:

There is always hope.