Well, Summer is officially over and here I am. It’s been a few days and I think I’m a mess. It helps though that a storm is rolling in right now so the weather is making me happy. I tried to show up here as often as I could but as usual, Summer stole my heart away and with that, my time. I suppose I’ve come here to cope *dramatic sigh*.

The end of summer always feels like the end of the year for me, is that odd? This is always the time of year where I look back on the past 12 months and ask myself what I really accomplished and what I want to do moving forward. I know most people do this at the end of December but for me, that time is right about now. Usually I’m left with an overwhelming sadness to be honest. I think it’s a combination of my favorite season being over and that I never feel like I’m where I want to be or I’ve done enough to get there, but this time is different I think.

At first, I was feeling my usual “oh shit,  summer is over and really…what have I been doing these last 12 months?” but at the first effort of deeper thought into the subject, I realized…Summer will come back and I’ve kinda been kicking ass at life if I really think about it. All my efforts might not have paid off in full yet and I’m still not perfect or someone who has it all figured out (I’ve heard that never really happens though) but Rome wasn’t built in a day my friends and hard work does pay off (Frank Gallagher voice). Oh yea, we totally got into Shameless on Netflix over the summer and just finished last night! New Episodes start again on October 2nd! Whoop whoop!!

I think another thing that makes me feel like the end of summer is the end of the year though is the way that everyone starts to get a second wind come holiday times, but it also seems like things slow down a little. There’s motivation in the air yet people seem to take time to remember that kindness and love and family are what truly matter in life. It kinda feels like the re-set button was pushed or something. It’s a nice time of year I suppose – once I get rid of my end-of-summertime-blues ;)

Those bluesy days combined with the end of an AMAZZZINNNNGGGG two week trip out west to visit family and party with friends have got me feeling a little nuts over this last week to be honest! Like I said, I’m a mess over here trying to recover and get back in the swing of things BUT I’m feeling hopeful, inspired, and motivated (for the most part, ha!). I’m feeling pretty strong and ready to keep my momentum going into this new (part of the) year. I’ve got lots of things I want to share here about things I’ve been working on and doing (including all about my trip out west!) but I’m going to ease into it all I think. I also want to finish my wedding series that I started eight million years ago :).

I just wanted to show up here today though to say that I haven’t forgotten about this little space or the beloved people who take the time out to read about what all I have going on. I have no commitments to a posting schedule for you but you can always check me out on ig @jlynnjustad (my account is private right now, I’ll be talking about that later…) or you leave your e-mail in that left column where it says ‘subscribe’ to get my posts sent right to ya!


Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things here and everywhere else! How was your summer??



20. 07. 2016


Woah so it’s been almost exactly a month since I last posted…and there has been so much going on since then. Last time I was here things were nuts and I was in a valley, this time…well, things aren’t as low but I’m not shouting from the rooftops either. Even as I type this my computer is giving me the business BUT I’m trying to keep my focus on positivity strong.

A little bit of what’s been up this past month…

Reading: Not much of anything really. I know, shame!

Watching: Not much of anything here either! I’ve been trying to pick up as many shifts doing odd jobs and whatnot as my work situation shifted (again…) last month. I have caught season one of that Netflix show Bloodline though when I was sick the week of July 4th. UGh it was awful. That darn summer cold got me for a good 5 days but I’m back at 100% again now thank God!

Listening: to a lot of music Andre has been downloading. He picked up a weekend gig djing and he’s been super excited about it. We could really use the extra cash flow too, in preparations for our trip in September. Everything is going our way! (my fav affirmation!)

Excited for: So much! I’m going to a music festival this weekend to support my amazing sister-in-law and her art, I’m going to my best friend’s new home of sorts to search for a new apartment where she’ll be attending grad school in the fall right after that and then a big trip out west for a little over two weeks in September. There’s so much to get ready for that I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed but I’m still super stoked!

Sad: Well, my work situation changing late last month was a bummer and still is to be honest, but it wasn’t as much of a bummer as life was while I was working that job. The job itself was great but there was an unforeseen circumstance that really just made it one of the worst experiences ever so whereas I took a big hit on my income, I think overall it was the right decision.

Happy: I’m super happy about all the exciting things coming up for me and my family and about all the awesome things Andre has going for him right now! I’ve also got a couple things up my sleeve too that have also been contributing to my absence here but I’ll share more about that later!

Hoping: for light and love for everyone ♥

Thankful: I’m super thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with my sister-in-law here lately. We were able to spend about a week together here last week and it was really good for my soul just to grow our relationship in all the ways we did. Family is such an important pillar of life in my opinion, even if they aren’t blood relatives ;)

If you’re still checking up on me here I greatly appreciate your (hopefully) good vibes. I know I’ve been posting more sporadically lately so if you want to just have my (random) updates sent to your inbox you can subscribe on the left with your email address instead of coming back here every so often to find I (still) haven’t posted ;) Lots of love to every one of you! ♥



21. 06. 2016


It’s that time again! I missed doing a currently in the month of May because it was sooo hectic. This month hasn’t been anywhere near as hectic but it certainly has been exhausting so let’s just dive right in…

Reading: I have really failed in the reading department here lately. I’ve been using that word a lot…fail…this month. I started reading Orange is the New Black because it was at work, and I got to chapter 3, but I’ve since left that job…as of like…not even a week ago…so I am no longer reading that at the moment. All though I did suggest that for the first book of the book club SKB and I plan to start…if that ever happens. I also realized that I have developed a really bad habit of starting books and not finishing them here recently and I want to end that! I’ve been learning lots of things about myself here lately actually…..

Watching: I just finished the second season of Grace&Frankie (on Netflix!!) today actually and I am already SO excited for season three. That show is seriously hilarious you guys. You may develop a new habit of drinking dirty martinis though. Guilty. What is it with all these new habits?!

Listening: More country music! Shocking, I know, to those of you who know me personally. But I’ve caught myself stopping my ‘scan’ on the country music station quite often here lately. It’s probably these country surroundings finally starting to grow on me. A couple personal favorites right now I think are the song about the t-shirt and the Somewhere on a Beach. I did go through a little country music phase back in middle school though because my cousin (we grew up in the same house) was dating this really country guy…I think his name was Rob? anyway- and she was listening to it all the time so I came to have a deep love for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Shania..you know, the 90’s baby classics. SKB you’re with me right?!

Excited for: This weekend! I’m going back to visit home which means beach, family and friends! I’m sad because Andrew can’t come but he’ll be there in spirit and the way things are going, he’ll be able to make more weekend trips with me in no time. I also went back to being a vegetarian (just like that! boom!) and started taking my multi-vitamin again so yay for trying to ease (back) into healthy living!

Sad: well. I’ve spent a majority of the last 6 days in some form of sadness to be honest. Some things were just situations that couldn’t be avoided. Some that could. I think I’ve spend a lot of time this week learning a bunch of lessons about life and about myself though which brings me to the next subject…

Happy: Although going through the trenches of it can often times be painful and bring sadness, or embarrassment even, I think gaining more knowledge of self is always a good thing. Especially when you commit to making sure you come out a better version of yourself. That’s really what I’m trying to come to an understanding of here lately- how to balance being totally myself, with………something. I’m not solid in that life lesson yet so stay tuned. ha!

Hoping: Always ;)

Thankful: It rained the other day and I was able to just sit on my porch and listen and smell and watch mother nature do her thing. It was a very nice moment and I was able to stop and just let myself be. I’m thankful for that and all moments that allow me that space.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful month so far and if not, know you’re not alone! Sending you all the positive vibes! Also, I rarely post videos but there’s a quick one I posted on IG (@jlynnjustad) of my moment on the porch. Check it out and see if you can’t get in 30 seconds of R&R. Treat yourself ;) xx

I feel it’s important that you know that I am listening to 60’s and 70’s greatest hits on Pandora while I write this. And it’s epic. Perfect soundtrack.

set up


Bob Ross is on Netflix.

Yep. You read that right! You heard it here first ladies and gents! Ok so you probably heard it first on facebook (or was it Instagram?) like me but regardless- seeing it is glorious, right? If you’re not a fan of Bob Ross, then that means you’re not a fan of talent, witty one liners, random animal videos and peace. ok?! In all seriousness though, if you haven’t sat and watched an episode of one of his quick painting tutorials or you remember them as boring pbs segments from when you were a kid (because I mean, Power Rangers, amiright?), you should totally give it another try like we did!

I’ve always thought Bob was super chill but hadn’t really given watching one of his episodes a thought beyond his epic fro for a while. When I saw the fro was on Netflix, I asked Andre to watch one with me one night and he liked the idea so we cuddled up on the couch with some snacks and really enjoyed watching! We were obviously impressed with his painting skills, but we were laughing and chatting and just genuinely having a good time so we decided for our next date night, we would attempt to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial!

I do want to say though that this was a bit easier for us in terms of cash flow because Andre’s mom is an artist so we had access to paintbrushes, all the colors Ross himself used and we each had our own easel and canvas. We actually didn’t spend any money for this date! I realize that not everyone will be able to do that but if you already have some supplies that will work, use those! They don’t have to be exactly what he used ;) Also- this date night idea might not be for everyone. It’s important (in my opinion) to choose date nights that fit your relationship’s personality and your budget!

my set up

paintsour paints!

halfway therehalfway there!

whoopsWe missed a crucial step so when we pulled off our masking tape we had big blank spots on our canvas! haha! I decided to do my best at filling it in with sky and Andre decided to keep the imperfection as it made his artwork even more unique to our night together (insert laughing face emoji here, but also a heart)

finished paintings 2Our finished products! (the painting above the TV was done by his mother and the face with the owl headdress was done by his sister)

JSJ finished paintingMine

APJ finished paintingAndre’s!

extra art 1We used paper for our color palette for some cool “extra” art

extra art 2

extra art 3

finished paintings 1

I had so much fun on this night! After we messed up with the tape, my clouds kinda went to shit and Andre went crazy with his sky but I don’t think I would have these paintings look any other way :) It fills my heart to the brim to be able to have these nights with my guy. I love him so much for so many reasons. I SO appreciate him setting all of this up and taking this time out of his day off to make my heart’s desires for this date come to fruition! And I totally didn’t realize it but this night helped me cross another thing off of my humble bucket list…. ;)

I hope you’re all able to take some time out with your sweetheart at some point this week!

Also- I would like to dedicate this post to Richard and Mildred Loving. I am so thankful that I am able to post about date nights with my husband…who happens to be of another race. Today, June 12th, 2016 is the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that it was unconstitutional to tell people they couldn’t get married just because they weren’t the same race. I am so thankful for Richard and Mildred for having the courage to fight for their love, ensuring that mine would not be illegal. Rad more about them HERE and HERE.




So if you read, skimmed or just looked at the photos on my Memorial Day weekend post, then you’ve already seen the above photo (or on IG @jlynnjustad) but I’m not a fashion blogger so that’s the best photo I have of the dress that was a huge source of encouragement to be a couple of weeks ago! If you know me personally, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about the power of positive thought haha! It’s such a real thing though and could work for anyone if they put the intense effort it takes to use it, so I love sharing about it and all the examples in my life of how it really works!

Being positive doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not sure why that is (millennial much?) but a couple of years ago I was introduced to this movie (which it’s not really a movie movie) that was made from this book called The Secret. It can seem kinda whacko at first I think because no one wants to feel like they need anything from the ‘self help section’ haha, but the message was so uplifting and encouraging that I watched it probably 1000 times over the next year. I got to the point where I would be cleaning up around the house and just have it on in the background.

It’s all about staying positive no matter what, exuding good energy through it all, even when it doesn’t seem like things are going your way.  The overall message is to shun negativity always! When I was first starting to try to put this into practice, it was as the movie says, exhausting. Just being honest. Despite this though, I pressed on and I can tell it’s becoming so much easier. I’m also seeing the fruits of the positive energy that I choose more and more…like with this dress!

I had my eye on this dress first when I saw another blogger had done a post on it. I wish I could link it but I can’t find where I saved it since Andre updated the computer but if I do, I will post it! That was maybe last year sometime? I tried to find it and couldn’t so I just let it go with no hard feelings about the situation. A few months ago, when looking for dresses to bring with me to Charleston I came across the dress on Asos!! I had finally found it!!! Except….

It was white.

I don’t care what they say about what’s “in&trendy” unless the bride specifically requests white, I’m not wearing white. Call me old fashioned. I was SO bummed because on the blogger’s post, it looked lavender. The fact that it was white and over $100 contributed to my decision to continue my search for a dress for the wedding&our Thursday birthday plans. There was a pink version but Andre didn’t like that one as much so I went with another dress for the wedding and headed out the week of the trip to find something for our birthday dinner locally.

I popped in this little consignment store near where I live that my sister suggested and while flipping through a rack of dresses that didn’t look like the sort of style I was looking for….I saw the exact dress.

My heart stopped for a split second. I checked the tag…it was my size.

I tried it on, not even caring about the price. It fit perfectly.

I checked the price…$18!!!!

The girl who worked at the store told me I looked fab and that it was a red dot item so it was 50% OFF!

I checked out with my dress in hand after only paying $9!!!!!!!!

I thanked the Universe and knew I had my Thursday night birthday dress! I was so excited. It was something that I wanted but didn’t think I could have and I just remained positive, believing that I would find exactly what I needed and there it was. A dress I had been eyeing for at least six months, there for me for a fraction of the online cost. I was and AM so thankful. I got so many compliments and felt amazing even just standing in my hotel room.

I hope if you’re reading this that you’re encouraged by this crazy story to just stay positive no matter what. Don’t let any disappointment no matter how small or large overwhelm you and cause you to let negativity take over. If you want something but it appears you can’t have it…choose to believe that everything is going to go your way anyway. That’s my favorite affirmation,

⇒ “Everything is going to go my way.” ⇐

because it doesn’t grasp total control but it holds on to the notion that it all works out for our good and I really dig that message ;)

If you’d like to purchase this dress it’s actually on sale through Asos right now, you can check it out here. The pink version I think is so gorgeous although it’s not on sale currently, you can find it here. There is also a new grey style that I probably would have scooped for the wedding had I seen it before I got the one I ended up wearing haha but I guess the Universe had something special waiting in the wings! You can find that one here.

I hope you feel even the slightest bit encouraged on this Friday afternoon! Have a great weekend and know that you are loved! ♥


Hey hey! Testing 1, 2, 3… I’m finally dusting off the ol’ keyboard to bring you an update on the main event of my month, Memorial Day weekend in Charleston, SC!

 I know I haven’t been here as much these past few months but if you’ve been following along on this little space recently, you know it’s because we’ve been working really hard to accomplish a few goals and I’m happy to report that we are making strong progress and are really enjoying the process!

With everything we’ve had going on, we weren’t even really able to stop and celebrate Andre’s birthday, which fell on the 17th of this month. We hadn’t been able to stop for much of anything to be honest but we had been anticipating this weekend of R&R (and party fun) in Charleston for a while because one of his close friends was set to marry on the 27th…which happens to be my birthday!

In an effort to really take some time for ourselves and enjoy a weekend getaway, we decided to head to Charleston a day early and celebrate both of our birthdays on Thursday night with a dinner at Magnolia’s. It was wonderful! We took one of those little bike carriers (what the heck are those things called?), had a wonderful meal with great service, then walked to a rooftop bar where we met Andre’s friends who were in the wedding party for a pre-wedding day drink. It was nice to see the groom before the big day! After he left, we hung out for a little while longer with the others, toasting to my 26th year shortly after midnight. It was a really nice moment ♥

Magnolia 1



rooftop3officially 26!

Friday afternoon we met up with a few more of Andre’s friends in the lobby of the hotel after they arrived. We all took a nice stroll around Charleston to a little deli that was super cute but my vegan hotdog was super dry (which vegan food does not have to be dry or bland or boring…fyi!) so I was bummed about my food but everyone else loved theirs! The ambiance of the place was cool and the company was great so I enjoyed that time regardless. After eating we headed to the water for some quick sightseeing and photo ops.

The wedding was later that night  and the ceremony was just perfect. The weather was amazing and the genuine vibe between the bride and groom was so sweet to watch. The reception spot was a super cool indoor botanical garden right next to where the ceremony was held. It was gorgeous. We stopped in there ahead of time to use the restroom before the ceremony and I’m so glad we did because we were able to get photos with lighting that showed off how awesome that place really was!

The rest of the night was filled with white wine induced dancing and ended with me fast asleep in the hotel room while everyone else ventured out for another hour. #justkeepinitkindarealbecauseinallhonestyiwassuperdrunk





ceremony team

ceremony team 2



table setting



pouting50% wine and 50% Andre didn’t want to dance with me at the moment

guestbookour guestbook entry

end of the nightraw&real. The end of the night

I woke up on Saturday morning to an extremely messy room, a gigantic pizza box in the living area and a slight headache.

Advil&endless mimosas followed at this cute little place called Low Country Bistro and that was my favorite meal I think. All the food I ate this past weekend was incredible but their shrimp&grits were incredible and I loved the hushpuppy appetizer as well. Everything looked and smelled amazing! After brunch I was still pretty worn out so Andre and I headed back to the hotel for what would become a multiple hour nap. It was glorious. I took as many midday naps over this weekend as I could. Not even going to lie.

When we woke up, we threw on some comfy casual clothes and headed out to find a place to chill for a little bit and eat eventually. Unfortunatley it was raining this day and by the time we got downstairs it had started to come down pretty good but Andre still felt like a stroll would be a good time…cue massive flooding in Charleston when it rains and wet feet and no umbrella and a bordering on hangry Jlynn. We then decided to consult yelp and found our way to Poogan’s Smokehouse. It ended up being perfect timing because the wait in the dining room was until 9:30pm (it was 6:30pm) and two bar stools (first come first serve) had just opened up, right on the end. Thank you Universe! The food came out SO quick and was SO good…it definitely rivals my Low Country Bistro meal for top spot but I am just a sucker for shrimp and grits.

After dinner we walked the couple blocks to Carmella’s Dessert Bar because that was one of the places we were told we had to visit and it happened to be on our way back to the hotel. Sadly, we didn’t get to visit all of those ‘must visit’ places on our list this time but we’re glad this place worked out because it was a nice closing out to our time together. We got to sit and chat a little bit about our life together and how proud we are of each other for all our hard work and how far we’ve come. We were laughing saying this felt more like an anniversary trip than a birthday trip. The lovey dovey feelings weddings can bring about probably had a little something to do with that too though ;) We left with bellies full of drunken milkshakes&a box of cake togo.

Later that night I mustered myself out of bed for one last bar trip hoorah to this place called Mac’s Place and even though by that time I was like…Lord help me stay awake…I’m glad I went just to cap the end of the trip off with the rest of the group that stayed at our same hotel. The bar food there was top notch. I also had a grapefruit Sculpin that I had never had before and it was amazing. I wish I had another one in my hand right now. I think I’m going to try to make that happen this week…

night afterfound these in my purse




ballast pointstolen from Andre’s Instagram ;)

Sunday we woke up early to make our checkout time then got some breakfast from this super cute place with great biscuits but their originization was suuuper off that day or something because they were way too confused by my call ahead order but the food was good so I was happy with that and ready to be on the road to home. With Memorial Day Monday off (with Andre! woohoo!) I knew I would have plenty of time to recover from my vacation blues and be ready for the craziness of 20th month old twins again on Tuesday! I’m sad to see another trip come to an end but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, continue to press forward with our goals, and plan our next trip! Vegas here we come!! ….in a few months ;)

heading hometired, makeup free and happy

Before I go, I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has given their lives in defense of this country, our rights to be free and to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic! I know they’re not reading this right now but I’m sending the energy out there. If you’re reading this and directly connected to someone who I am speaking about…I’m sending you lots of love. I hope that means something. Thank you as well, for your strength. ♥


Hello friends!!

Still quite busy with work work work work work (did you sing it?) but somehow Andre and I managed to get out for a date night last week! Yes, last week…I’m over a week late in posting about this but work work work..yada yada, you get the idea.

In fact, we’ve been so focused on our Total Money Makeover and other goals that we haven’t done a very good job of making time for us to spend together that doesn’t involve the business side of our marriage. Before, it was all play. Think, dope downtown apartment, eating out every night, spending on whatever whenever. In the last year, it has become all business and basically zero play. Neither of those things are good, so we’re just trying to grow together and really learn a little something about this thing called balance in this thing called adulthood.

Enter in the (last minute) scheduled date night! We’re definitely going to make these things regular and a top priority. They might not always be this awesome, but time together is what’s really important and what makes these times awesome! Since we haven’t had a date night in f o r e v e r, we decided we would treat ourselves to a concert to kick off this whole, making date night a priority thing. Concerts hold a special place in our hearts because our very first date as boyfriend and girlfriend was a concert and we STILL talk about what a wonderful (crazy.) time it was.

I heard about this concert on the radio one day while driving to work. I got so excited because I’ve always loved Lauryn Hill! I love her music but more than that, she is such a powerful presence in the music industry and such a strong voice for so much that I believe in. Mixed in with all of that…she is an AMAZING musician. We got there early enough where we were the 4th people in line and could hear her sound check outside the gate. I couldn’t believe I was about to see her live. She’s been on my concert bucket list forever.

Opening for her was Gary Clark Jr. and he was crazy good. I had heard of him before and listened to some of his music. I really enjoyed listening to his recorded stuff but seeing him live turned me into a real fan. He is also a musician.  There was a reggae band that opened for him and they were incredible as well. When Lauryn played her set, she played all kinds of classics but they had an almost indie rock flair to them. I was thoroughly pleased because the musicianship was ridiculous. She had to have had at least a 15 piece band up there, it was insane. Andre and I loved it but you could tell some people in the audience were hoping to hear the songs exactly how they are on the recording but…..what fun is that?!

The worst part of the night was that I forgot my light jacket so when the sun went down I was a little chilly but we just used our picnic blanket to cover up.  And oh my goodness we only spent $50 for (A TON of) food and beer! As concert money, I feel like that translates to $10 outside of a concert, haha! It was such a fun time. I’m so glad I heard the advertisement for the show!






bluelightsus and the iphone :)

I can’t wait to see what concert we attend next! For now though I think I’ll just anticipate our next date night, which looks like will be later this month in the form of a whole weekend! More on that later though ;)


What was the last concert you attended?! ♥

22. 04. 2016


Currently trying to get my life together.


I feel like I’m always saying that and the law of attraction tells me, the fact that I’m always saying that…is why I am always saying that! Ha! I need to find a new saying. I need to get a good affirmation going. Any suggestions?

Let’s get started with this little catch up, shall we?

Reading: Nothing. shame. shame. shame. (GOT anyone?! SUNDAYYYYYY!) but seriously. Big Magic I was hoping to finish in (what did I say?) a week? Haven’t even picked it up. I’ve been on this journey to stop using excuses but I wouldn’t call having my hand in 4 different income opportunities “excuses.” I’m so serious about my “gazelle intensity” with our Total Money Makeover that I am working so much and so hard…that I literally work, eat and sleep. Sometimes I see my husband. Sad times. But good times because as my fellow Total Money Makeover’ers know….live like no one else, so you can live like no one else! *insert unamused emoji face here.*

Watching: Dancing with the Stars! Woohoo! I made it a point to watch live this week because I love Switch up week! I was excited to see Nyle partnered with Sharna because I totally voted that on twitter. He was awesome. I think pretty much everyone did great. Wanya’ is another favorite though and I also think Jodie is kicking ass as well. It’s anyone’s game right now I think even though Nyle got the 10 from Len!! Yay Nyle! Also still trying to finish Sons! We finallllyyyy made it to season 6 last night!

Listening: I’ve actually been listening to alot of music I lisened to a few years ago. Andre and I have always been that couple that makes mixed music for one another and I found a few cds he made for me a while back and I’ve been playing them out! He has a new mix for me that’s been trapped on his phone. Can’t wait till he has some time to burn it for me. Goodness I hope my kids know what that means one day. hah!

Excited for: Next week! There is a special date night in the works that I can’t waaaaaaaaaait to attend! We’ve been sacrificing and sacrificing for the sake of our Total Money Makeover but we NEED a date night so we took the money budgeted from the last couple of months for date nights that never happened and are combining it for one stellar night next week. Can’t wait! Also I’m pretty stoked about Game of Thrones on Sunday! Miranda, if you’re reading this, I’ll be thinking of you! :)

Working on: getting my life together. lol.

Sad: Ummm I was sad Sunday night when Andre and I watched Room….omgoodness that was such a good movie but SOO heart-wrenching! Then I was sad again when I got my very first speeding ticket on Tuesday morning. UGHHHHHHHHH. :((((((

Happy: My beautiful and amazingly hardworking cousin Carly qualified for OLYMPIAAAAAAAA……..!!!!!! If you don’t know what that is then click that link and look around the site. It’s basically the best of the best in the fitness world. Like…the Superbowl of the competitive fitness universe. It’s a big deal. It’s going down in Vegas in September and if we can swing it….we’re going to go! My WHOLE family literally with the exception of only a few are attending. My grandfather (hey PaPa!) is even going and there is a treat in store for him that I CANNOT miss so…we’re trying to make it happen. Although we are believing this will NOT be her only time on that stage, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to miss her WINNING an Olympia title?! I cannot imagine it. Especially as hard as she’s worked for as long as she’s worked. Overall, I’m just super proud of her and can’t wait to watch her slayyyyyyyyy!

Hoping: still that the beef between my cats ends….ugh that’s been so frustrating having to keep them separated for literally months. Anyone have any wisdom to share?! I’m also hoping that…I get my life together. Do we see a theme here?!

Thankful: for the moon and all the feelings it brings about for which I can’t find words.

April has been good to me so far besides that whole, speeding ticket thing, ha! I hope it has been good to you. I’m exhausted but full of gratitude. I love you. Thank you so much for coming here to see what I’m up to because there’s nothing published here beyond that really :P ♥





Hello friends!

If it feels like I’ve been out of touch lately…well it’s because I have been! Between two jobs (and picking up odd shifts at the restaurant, filling in for people), working on my new nutrition&exercise plan (I’ll share more on that in the coming weeks), and trying to build up momentum to go with gazelle intensity towards our Total Money Makeover goals (I haven’t shared about this yet but I will!)…I’m beat! All those things are bits of happiness though because I’m thankful to have work, to be making strides of progress with my health and eating habits and of course that we’ve been getting serious about whipping our finances into shape. Because of my schedule, it’s hard to set a routine but I’m going to make it happen! It might not happen overnight, but it WILL happen! Growing up is…difficult in the beginning stages haha but it’s all very exciting! Not to mention a few exciting things that have occurred in the last week!

You may have seen this photo on instagram (@jlynnjustad) but our sweet nephew (I’ll refer to him from here on out as J3) was born a little over a week before his due date of Easter morning! Mom and baby are doing great and we are so thrilled to have him here! I totally neglected to mention it in my currently post because truth be told, I thought I would get at least another one (or maybe even two) blog posts before he was born so my excitement was contained as to not get too anxious haha but the little booger surprised us all! He’s so gorgeous and so loved!

J3grainy photos make me feel nostalgic.

Then Easter came along and although we were a few family members short, it was still a wonderful time with the ones that were around. We got some more time in with J3 as well so that was super sweet! We didn’t snap a full family photo though so bummer! Still working on that I suppose…ha! On a less important note but still exciting, I made out like a bandit at target last week! Since putting ourselves on the Total Money Makeover we’ve been WAY more conscious about what we’ve been spending and I am SO proud of us.

We do get to budget some “fun” money for ourselves though and of course I spent mine at Target. Confession: I was supposed to be going in there for something else which I didn’t find and don’t remember (we’ve all been there, don’t judge.) but after attempting to window shop the clearance aisles, I found a couple things I couldn’t pass up! I got some Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioner for $5.50 (down from $11.00!), a 5 year memory book for $7 something (I can’t remember exactly because it didn’t have one of those beautiful little red stickers, but full price it was a little over $16), and a box of Papyrus blank note cards (anyone else obsessed with note cards?!) for $4.78 down from $15.95! I bought a few other things but I spent less the $29 for everything and the only thing I paid full price for was $3. I was so excited, I sent photos to Andre. HA!

cd leave in

blank cardsI didn’t get a photo of the book because no sticker haha

And something not so exciting that has happened in the last week………I cracked my phone screen again. Did I even mention that I got it fixed after the whole Halloween fiasco that turned into me only having half a phone screen because I let it go so long without getting it fixed? Well, I cracked it AGAINNNNNNNNN. I’ve had it fixed maybe a month. Ugh. I was so mad at myself. But shit happens and you’ve got to let it go and learn..which clearly I did not the last time SOOOOO I’m going to go get a friggin phone case and just put it on my cracked phone until I can save the cash to get it fixed again (this happened after my target trip, insert dramatic face emoji). In the spirit of trying to stay positive, it isn’t as bad as it was when I first broke it on Halloween BUT my front face camera is out of the game again. Sad times. But happy times for it not being as bad and me still having a phone!

 We’ve got some exciting things happening this weekend, one of which is a do nothing day (MUCH NEEDED) on Sunday but the other is a lovely little wedding shower so hopefully I’ll have some fun things to share next week! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And remember to stay positive ;)


17. 03. 2016


Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!!

I couldn’t think of a better day in March to kick off my official once a month “Currently” posts. I’ve seen other bloggers do them and I’ve always thought they were so cute and I always enjoy reading them so I figured I would give it a try myself :) I hope you’re wearing your green today!

Reading: Well, nothing. When I say nothing, I don’t mean nothing I do have a book I’m invested in (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, shout out to my sweet friend Ashley who turned me on to it!) but I just haven’t had a good day where I can just dive in. I don’t typically like to read 3-4 pages at a time and that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to do. I also don’t like to read right before bed because then it makes me tired when I start reading at other times in the day. Does that sound crazy?

Watching: Now that The Bachelor is over (#TeamLauren woohoo!!), my prime TV show is Younger!  I LOVE it. The cast has great chemistry, I love the story, it’s fun, sassy, smart, funny…all the things. It’s my new favorite show for sure. TVLand is killin’ the tv show game right now! I’m also enjoying How to Get Away with Murder on abc as well as House of Cards and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix when I can squeeze an episode or two in with the hubs.

Listening: to a lot of Uptown Funk. I loved that song when it first came out and I still enjoy it for sure but the kids I take to school in the mornings love that song on a whole new level. I now have a rule we only listen to it 3 times in a row. Then of course it comes on the radio like every time and they think that is so hilarious because they get to listen to it FOUR times. My favorite part though? Listening to them sing “up, down pokeywah” on the chorus. I haven’t told them those aren’t the words ;)

Excited for: Ok this comes right after watching because I’m not watching it yet but I am SOOOO excited to watch Nyle DiMarco on Dancing with the Stars! It starts Monday the 21st and I cannot wait. I’m also super excited for a trip Andre and I are taking May!

Working on: Getting the second half of my wedding series going here. I wanted to do it in February but that’s right when I started my new (second) job so I just haven’t been able to give the blog (or blogging really) the attention I would like. It’s really been like…6 months I’ve been feeling that way but things are finally starting to feel like they may start settling here soon. Woah. that’s exhausting just typing it out.

Sad: because Bernie didn’t win my state BUT he did win my hometown county so I’m very proud of that! It ain’t over till it’s over!

Happy: because tomorrow is Friday! I love my job but I am happy to get a couple days of quality time in with Andre. We’ve both been so busy we literally get home and watch a show or two then go straight to bed because we’re so wiped. We were originally bummed because it’s been gorgeous all week then this weekend it’s going to be cold and rainy but then last night we decided rainy day snuggles&Netflix binging might be in our future. I still have to clean&grocery shop though! must.not.get.too.sucked.in.

Hoping: the beef between my cats settles soon. It’s so frustrating! I haven’t introduced them here yet have I? I might need to do that soon…

Thankful: for my husband. I know that’s kind of like a duh thing but we’ve been working a lot of things out over these past 6 weeks and I’m just thankful that I have someone who takes me, my heart and our life together seriously.


I hope you all are having a wonderful March! There’s basically 5 weeks in this month so for all you hourly wage workers this month should be a stellar one! I love you all and will see you next week!




Check out last years St. Patrick’s day post here, dedicated to my favorite Patrick of all time ♥