It’s taken me a really long time to get back here. I’ve started to write many times but nothing ever seemed just right. I’ve felt this way before but, although I’d still consider myself new at this, I’ve never stayed away so long. Maybe that’s because I’ve been wondering…what is this? Why am I doing this? What am I accomplishing here? What am I sharing here? Is it too much? Is it not enough? I suppose these are questions that lots of bloggers ask themselves at one point or another and maybe I’ve already asked them once before myself in some way, but in truth I think I never really explored the answers because I got really wrapped up in the blogging culture…

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Saying goodbye to Summer 2016

Well, Summer is officially over and here I am. It’s been a few days and I think I’m a mess. It helps though that a storm is rolling in right now so the weather is making me happy. I tried to show up here as often as I could but as usual, Summer stole my heart away and with that, my time. I suppose I’ve come here to cope *dramatic sigh*.

The end of summer always feels like the end of the year for me, is that odd? This is always the time of year where I look back on the past 12 months and ask myself what I really accomplished and what I want to do moving forward. I know most people do this at the end of December but for me, that time is right about now. Usually I’m left with an overwhelming sadness to be honest. I think it’s a combination of my favorite season being over and that I never feel like I’m where I want to be or I’ve done enough to get there, but this time is different I think…

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Currently: July


Woah so it’s been almost exactly a month since I last posted…and there has been so much going on since then. Last time I was here things were nuts and I was in a valley, this time…well, things aren’t as low but I’m not shouting from the rooftops either. Even as I type this my computer is giving me the business BUT I’m trying to keep my focus on positivity strong.

A little bit of what’s been up this past month…

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Currently: June


It’s that time again! I missed doing a currently in the month of May because it was sooo hectic. This month hasn’t been anywhere near as hectic but it certainly has been exhausting so let’s just dive right in…

Reading: I have really failed in the reading department here lately. I’ve been using that word a lot…fail…this month. I started reading Orange is the New Black because it was at work, and I got to chapter 3, but I’ve since left that job…as of like…not even a week ago…so I am no longer reading that at the moment. All though I did suggest that for the first book of the book club SKB and I plan to start…if that ever happens. I also realized that I have developed a really bad habit of starting books and not finishing them here recently and I want to end that! I’ve been learning lots of things about myself here lately actually…..

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The power of positive thought: The Dress


So if you read, skimmed or just looked at the photos on my Memorial Day weekend post, then you’ve already seen the above photo (or on IG @jlynnjustad) but I’m not a fashion blogger so that’s the best photo I have of the dress that was a huge source of encouragement to be a couple of weeks ago! If you know me personally, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about the power of positive thought haha! It’s such a real thing though and could work for anyone if they put the intense effort it takes to use it, so I love sharing about it and all the examples in my life of how it really works!

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Memorial Day weekend 2016

Hey hey! Testing 1, 2, 3… I’m finally dusting off the ol’ keyboard to bring you an update on the main event of my month, Memorial Day weekend in Charleston, SC! Just a heads up this post is super photo heavy! :)

 I know I haven’t been here as much these past few months but if you’ve been following along on this little space recently, you know it’s because we’ve been working really hard to accomplish a few goals and I’m happy to report that we are making strong progress and are really enjoying the process!

With everything we’ve had going on, we weren’t even really able to stop and celebrate Andre’s birthday, which fell on the 17th of this month. We hadn’t been able to stop for much of anything to be honest but we had been anticipating this weekend of R&R (and party fun) in Charleston for a while because one of his close friends was set to marry on the 27th…which happens to be my birthday!

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Date Night: Lauryn Hill concert


Hello friends!!

Still quite busy with work work work work work (did you sing it?) but somehow Andre and I managed to get out for a date night last week! Yes, last week…I’m over a week late in posting about this but work work work..yada yada, you get the idea.

In fact, we’ve been so focused on our Total Money Makeover and other goals that we haven’t done a very good job of making time for us to spend together that doesn’t involve the business side of our marriage. Before, it was all play. Think, dope downtown apartment, eating out every night, spending on whatever whenever. In the last year, it has become all business and basically zero play. Neither of those things are good, so we’re just trying to grow together and really learn a little something about this thing called balance in this thing called adulthood.

Enter in the (last minute) scheduled date night! We’re definitely going to make these things regular and a top priority. They might not always be this awesome, but time together is what’s really important and what makes these times awesome! Since we haven’t had a date night in f o r e v e r, we decided we would treat ourselves to a concert to kick off this whole, making date night a priority thing. Concerts hold a special place in our hearts because our very first date as boyfriend and girlfriend was a concert and we STILL talk about what a wonderful (crazy.) time it was…

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Currently: April


Currently trying to get my life together.


I feel like I’m always saying that and the law of attraction tells me, the fact that I’m always saying that…is why I am always saying that! Ha! I need to find a new saying. I need to get a good affirmation going. Any suggestions?

Let’s get started with this little catch up, shall we?

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New babes, Target steals and other bits of happiness: Easter 2016


Hello friends!

If it feels like I’ve been out of touch lately…well it’s because I have been! Between two jobs (and picking up odd shifts at the restaurant, filling in for people), working on my new nutrition&exercise plan (I’ll share more on that in the coming weeks), and trying to build up momentum to go with gazelle intensity towards our Total Money Makeover goals (I haven’t shared about this yet but I will!)…I’m beat! All those things are bits of happiness though because I’m thankful to have work, to be making strides of progress with my health and eating habits and of course that we’ve been getting serious about whipping our finances into shape. Because of my schedule, it’s hard to set a routine but I’m going to make it happen! It might not happen overnight, but it WILL happen! Growing up is…difficult in the beginning stages haha but it’s all very exciting! Not to mention a few exciting things that have occurred in the last week!

You may have seen this photo on instagram (@jlynnjustad) but our sweet nephew (I’ll refer to him from here on out as J3) was born a little over a week before his due date of Easter morning! Mom and baby are doing great and we are so thrilled to have him here! I totally neglected to mention it in my currently post because truth be told, I thought I would get at least another one (or maybe even two) blog posts before he was born so my excitement was contained as to not get too anxious haha but the little booger surprised us all! He’s so gorgeous and so loved!

J3grainy photos make me feel nostalgic.

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