Sunday Brunch // A Series

Hello loved ones!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking to the upcoming with positivity! I’m super excited about this so I want to get right to it!

Well! The idea for this Sunday Brunch series came during (read: because of) football season. I’m not one of those girls that loves the game but I’m also not one that despises it and won’t watch. Now, would I rather be sipping mimosas or a bloody Mary with my girlfriends over perfectly toasted croissants? Totally. Unfortunately that wasn’t a possibility every Sunday so I found myself hanging out catching up on blog posts on Sunday afternoons once I grew tired of the game(s).

With football season over, I will undoubtedly be getting some of my husbands attention back but we do set aside some time for ourselves usually…even if that just means snuggling up on the couch with a drink, me reading my blogs, him reading his cracked articles. Those are actually pretty good. Maybe I’ll use some of them on here as well! ha!

In reality this is a ‘blogroll’ of sorts. I thought maybe on Sundays, I would post my 5 favorite articles from that week, from the some of the blogs that frequent my blogroll and the Sunday Brunch series was born. Maybe someone will discover a good read that maybe they need to see or are just excited about. I thought about using posts from that specific day (posted on Monday…Tuesday…so on) but we’ll see. I mainly just want to showcase some of my favorite bloggers/writers/posts/articles…however you want to say it! So here ya go! My first Sunday Brunch blogroll!


Miranda Writes: Vanilla Chai Tea Smoothie 
I haven’t made this yet but I am planning to this week. It sounds so good. Even as I am typing this, my mouth is watering. Seriously.

Making Mrs. M: Big Picture Instalinkup
I love this idea so much and one of the super cool things about it is that you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. I love it when people create new ways to connect&spread positivity!

Simplicity Relished: How to make almond milk (and a little chat about almonds)
This was so informative and really made me feel like I could do this! I know nothing about the kitchen but I am excited to try this out!

Mother: Grown up Valentine’s day cards
These are hilarious! My favorite is definitely the underwear one ha!

Be More With Less: Maybe variety isn’t the spice of life
This is definitely thought provoking and has given me some motivation&tools to get some stress out of my life and simplify for sure.


So there you have it! 5 of my favorite articles from last week. Hope you enjoy those reads and find some motivation and inspiration!

Love you!