Sunday Brunch // 002




I’m soooo late posting this today (hello 4pm!) but my brother in law and his fiancée got back from South America this week so I was slackin’ on getting this post ready. I still had 5 of my favorite articles from this week in mind though and here they are!


A Southern Style: Blushing Valentine
I love Zelle’s blog. Her style is classic, fresh and always classy. As soon as I saw her animal print heels in this post, I immediately thought of sweet Nikita.

Refinery 29: Why Taylor Swift’s Etsy crackdown feels so wrong
This isn’t related to Valentine’s Day at all but when I read it, I knew I had to include it. I have a post of my own coming about my falling out of love with her experience, but this is a good read and is all so true. Come to think of it, maybe I should skip writing a post and just write a song. (audience laughter)

 Coley’s Opinion: Quotes about love (to make your day lovelier)
This sweet girl is always posting inspirational and encouraging things! Not only was this a great Valentine’s day post, but it’s also just a good any day post for a smile :)

A Pinch of Jasmine: Proposal Story
What is Valentine’s week without a beautiful engagement story?! I’ve enjoyed reading Jasmine’s blog for a bit now and couldn’t be happier for her. Love this story! Ordinary people? Ah! Swoon!

Life Could Be A Dream: Homemade Chocolate Syrup
Umm…yes please! I love Jana’s blog but her food posts are quickly becoming my favorite! Check out her Chocolate Mousse and Knife Skills posts too!


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Love to all of you in the upcoming week!!