The Bucket List: The PSL

Happy hump day yall! and what better day to publish this particular post than on the 1 week closer to summer anniversary of Autumn!

This past weekend, on Saturday, I got to spend 30 precious minutes with one of  my very best gals, Julia, as she was passing through my area. We couldn’t catch up for long as she had to be back on her way, but I was thrilled to be able to see her for any amount of time. It was awesome too because she was with me as I crossed another thing off my bucket list: TRY A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! And the verdict is….


As indicted by my friend’s beautiful thumb positioned in the downturned direction (but not by my smiling face..ha!)…I hated it. I was kinda scared going into it that I was going to love it and my wallet was going to hate it but it turns out it was dislike on both accounts. I got the smallest one, the regular way with whipped cream on top and…it was so disgusting I couldn’t finish it even though I paid over $4 for it. What is this coffee/Starbucks obsession?! I just don’t get it. But I don’t need to I suppose. To each their own! I did take one of these totally awesome (“basic” I believe they’re called?) Starbucks cup in front of the steering wheel pics though. I left out the vehicle brand because there is some dried ketchup right next to the word JEEP #letsbereal.

There are a bunch of homemade recipes out there and I would actually love to give them a try. Just wanted to check out the holy Starbucks PSL hype. As far as other exciting events from this past weekend…I went to Target without buying a single thing #winning and bought my first bag of candy corn with no shame #alsowinning. The bag of candy corn was from Target but that was purchased on a separate occasion. Booyah.

I hope you are all have a stellar week thus far! I wouldn’t recommend a PSL but maybe a nice cup of hot coco! Hello, I’m 5.

Until next time, friends!