The Bucket List

bucket list

I know a lot of people do bucket lists but the ones I have seen often have quite a few aspirations on them. My personality doesn’t work that way. 1001 in 101 would just blow my mind! So instead of working against who I am and trying to fit in with the way other people are able to do things, I decided that if it works better for me to have 1001 bucket lists with 20 things on them each, so be it. I’m working to learn myself and make the most out of my life. I’m not trying to create a person to be, I’m trying to learn the person that I already am so that I can evolve easier into the person that I am meant to be/want to be however you want to say it. I believe in fate partnered with action. There is a reason why I like the things I like, am drawn to learn the things I want to learn and do the things I want to do…but they don’t just happen. Making the most of your life requires action…so here are some of the actions I plan to take! I’m not sure how long it will be before I’ve crossed all these things off and move to another list, but I hope you’ll stick around and watch as I claim victory or failure because there is certainly beauty in them both.

1. Pay for the people in front or behind me everywhere I buy something for an entire day

2. Bake something from scratch

3. Start a book club

4. Teach myself to play the piano

5. Go completely cruelty free with my products

6. Knit something

7. Sew an item of clothing

8. Try a pumpkin spice latte [details]

9. Paint something on an actual canvas [details]

10. Quit caffeine (after that latte of course. Unless I can get it without caffine. Is that possible?)

11. Start and stick to a yoga routine

12. Get tattooed

13. Go horseback riding

14. Organize ALL of my Pinterest boards

15. Fill an Operation Christmas child box [details]

16. Shoot a gun at a gun range [details]

17. Shoot a bow and arrow

18. Go to butterfly world

19. See a play or musical [details]

20.  Volunteer somewhere